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Affordable In Home Tutor J. Richard Kirkham

   Hi and thanks for taking time to check out this site.  I'm Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.,a dual certified teacher. Due to required and elective courses I am qualified to teach and tutor almost any subject including; math, algebra, science, English, computers for personal use and business, G.E.D.s.

I have been trained in and am comfortable with using and teaching behavioral modification techniques to help both children and parents handle behavioral problems without the use of extreme measures. I have a very successful violent behavioral modification program which teaches people of any age constructive releases for their stress without having to destroy items, relationships or hurt those they love. Even if you just snap to much at the children this program could help.

I am a black belt self-defense instructor and have been in martial arts 27 years now. I am also a member in good standing with the World Self-defense Federation and International Lethal Defensive Combat Organization.

Whether or not you or someone you care about gets the help they need could the could have an effect on the rest of their life and your life. I work with behavioral problems, poor grades, G.E.D.s, computers, stress management, and violent behavioral modification of any age affordably in the privacy of your home there is no need for travel and everything is confidential if that is important to you.

"For some parents, the options become very limited, hire me and have an excellent chance of improving their child's behavior, or pay 20 times my fee in attorney, court costs and fines."

Thank You from a Tutoring and Behavioral Student's Father

By the way I must have failed to mention that Megan is seeing a counselor and a Psychiatrist. You have already given us more useful advise than either of them….

Thank You from an Anger Management Client

The lessons have really help when I go to sleep or I am getting ready for bed, since I have started the techniques I have not awakened with bloody lips or soar muscles from hitting myself while I am sleeping. So I have waking up more relaxed, I don't feel like I am walking on egg shells.

Thank you for helping me.

Both of the above thank yous are from my email consultation program for tutoring and behavioral problems. This has been a very successful program for those outside of the Hawaii U.S.A. area. Naturally phone cosultations and face to face consultations are also available.

If the problem is with a child at school I'll work with the teachers in that school. Don't forget as far as studies goes it is just as important to catch up and keep up during breaks and vacations as it is during the rest of the school year. Remember no matter what the problem is there is hope, unless of course you do nothing. I am available for in home tutoring in the Honolulu area and for phone consultations. If you are in the Hawaii area email me and I will send you my contact information. If you send an email to you will receive a list of all of my services and fees from free to affordable.

A list of behavioral modifications techniques is available through autoreply responder by sending an email to The email will come to you automatically, but feel free to enclose any questions you may have.

I have a favor to ask of you, would you please print my tutoring flyer and post it. Thank you, perhaps together we will help some children. Even if you're not in Hawaii, the tutoring flyer still has my web site address on it and they may be able to get help over the internet, or by phone.

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Would you please add my tutoring link and help the children who fall between the cracks

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