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Poor Grades. Violent Behavioral Modification, G.E.D., Computer Lessons & Problems
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Areas of Expertise and Experience E.I.U. Graduate Dual State Certified Teacher Behavioral Problems Sensei J. Richard Kirkham is an expert in positive reinforcement methodology and behavioral modification techniques.
Behavioral Modification & Tutoring Kindergarten through High-school Poor Grades, G.E.D. Adult Reading Sensei Kirkham is a dual certified teacher and an experienced self-employed, in home tutor. 15 Years experience.
Specializing in behavioral modification and tutoring of A.D.D. and A.D.H.D Author of Anger Management Controlling Your Cave-Person Inside Computer Lessons & Problems Sensei Kirkham will teach you basics, trouble shooting, setting up & using most programs Internet and Internet Business. Handling emergencies and crashes.
15+ Years - Management, Sales, Public Relations, Referrals, Black Belt Self-Defense Instructor with 26 years experience & body guard. Member of The World Self-defense Federation Boxing, Karate, Kung-fu, Yoga, Grappling, Weapons 27 Years of martial arts training, boxing, and yoga. Sensei Kirkham has trained senior citizens, children, disabled, law enforcement, and security people in aggressive and non-aggressive self-defense, empty handed and weaponed, restraint techniques and tactics.
Custom made video tapes, email, phone help is available for the same home visit rate for those clients out of my area so please post no matter what your area and maybe together we can help someone. Violent Behavioral Modification Sensei Kirkham combines positive reinforcement methodology, behavioral modification and nontraditional self-defense for an extremely effective program for both children and adults. I Offer You Affordable Help in The Privacy of Your Home or Business