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Register Your Hands As Lethal Weapons With The International Lethal Defensive Combat Organization
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Are you receiving the recognition you deserve for honing your body into a finely tuned destructive defensive force?
Are there those who doubt your martial arts skills in karate, kung-fu, boxing, grappling, or street fighting, yet you are too well trained to physically display your skills and injure them?
Then join The International lethal Defense Combat Organization, and receive a free personalized, frameable document which testifies that your hands are registered with the International Lethal Defense Combat Organization
The International Lethal Defense Combat Organization will not accept everyone, no matter how long you've studied martial arts. You must send us an explanation as to why you think you belong to The International Lethal Defense Combat Organization. Include your name, style, rank (if any), experience and a phone number and address (email also please) we can reach you at if you're accepted. This is an elite organization. Don't feel you're not worthy? Remember, humility is a sign of a great martial artist.

There are those traditional martial artists who object to The Lethal Defensive Combat Organization. They prefer the more traditional organizations and email me, sometimes using unprofessional profane language. To those of you who prefer learning a traditional, less defensively combative art and object to our organization recognizing warriors who belong together, I say to each his or her own.

Let me explain something that should not be necessary to explain. The International Lethal Defensive Combat Organization does not run on air. If you're looking for a handout or are not a serious enough martial artist to be willing to pay dues of $25.00 a year to be a member of the International Lethal Defensive Combat Organization you are welcome to consider a different martial arts organization we do not need you. Only serious martial artists are excepted.

This fee is refunded if your letter of introduction is rejected or held if we have further questions. You will receive an autoresponder for instructions for you donation. This will not be easy as a credit card as I am not looking for martial artists who want things easy. You will receive your certificate in the mail.

Frameable Document and Membership with the International Lethal Defensive Combat Organization is $25.00 annually

Sensei J. Richard Kirkham


Sensei J. Richard Kirkham is a 27 year martial art veteran. He is a dual certified teacher with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Physical Education, a background in Special Education, Exercise Physiology, Movement Education, and Behavioral Modification. He is presently an in home tutor, self-defense instructor, and body guard. Mr. Kirkham is presently teaching in Honolulu Hawaii. He has one challenge which has yet to fail him, he can increase anyone's striking power 50% to 100% in one lesson. For those who cannot see him in person, he offers the same service with others on affordable custom video tapes. Sensei Kirkham has the unique service of offering in home classes so that people may learn self-defense in the privacy of their home without worrying about travel after a hard days work.

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