Motor Coordination Expert J. Richard Kirkham

Do you or a loved one trip or stumble easily?
Do you throw a ball about 3 feet?
Do you come close to landing on your back

when you try to kick a ball and are
embarrassed when others laugh.
Are you past the age of kicking balls and want to prevent stumbling for health

Simply performing activities is not enough to improve gross or fine motor-skills. The problem must be addressed directly for any improvement to occur. If this is about a child, poor motor-coordination can have a devastating effect on a child's social skills and status and could therefore have an effect on the rest of his or her life possibly leading to all kinds of social and psychological problems. Even physical problems can arise as the adult's abhorrence of exercise from negative influences of being in physical education class and being laughed at for trying to perform an activity effect his willingness to stay in good physical condition. I'm Rick Kirkham. A duel certified teacherwith a background in Exercise physiology, teaching, in-home tutoring and martial arts.I am also an expert in movement education and behavioral modification. I can set up a program for you or a loved one to work on your specific needs. Don't put this off. The longer you wait the worse everything, coordination and social skills, is going to get. So leave me a message.

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