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Call (808) 528-5775 Ext. 6 For Educational Subjects
and Ext. 5 for Self-Defense and Physical Fitness

Certifications, Licenses,
and Degrees: 
  Bachelors of Science Degree Eastern Illinois University
     Background in Teaching, Exercise Physiology, Athletic Training and Injuries,
     Charleston Illinois
    Dual State Certified Teacher
     Type 10 K-12 Special Education Physical Education
     Type 9 6-12 Physical Education
    Black Belt Self-Defense Instructor
     Specializing in realistic self-defense and physical fitness for security, senior
        citizens, children, disabled, and athletes
    First Aid Instructor (expired)
    C.P.R. Instructor (expired)
    Red Cross Life Guard (expired)
    Red Cross Swim Instructor (expired)
    State Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist
     Licensed to test hearing and perform cursory exams on ears for the purpose
      of fitting a hearing aid or hearing aids or determining whether or not       
      medical attention may help the patient

Educator:  1995 - 1999 Substitute Teaching

   1995 - Present
     Behavioral Problems
      Specializing in A.D.D. and A.D.H.D.
     Poor Grades
      Combining behavioral modification, positive reinforcement         
       methodology, and teaching techniques
      Relating work and real experience to their adult education
      Basics to advanced, home and business use, trouble shooting
     Violent Behavioral Modification
      Combining non-traditional self-defense, behavioral modification         
       techniques, and positive reinforcement methodology

     Weight Loss and Exercise Programs Specializing in Children
     Combining Positive reinforcement methodology, behavioral modification
     and Exercise Physiology



Sales:  1995 - Present Self-Employed in Home Tutor and self-defense instructor
     Responsible for advertising, public relations, education, scheduling, and the       
       sales of educational customized programs

      Sales and technical support of hearing aids, public and employee         
      10 hours of classes minimum every year in sales, management, public       
       relations, and technical classes
    1982 Rainsoft Sales Training School
     Shelbyville Illinois

Self-Defense and
   1973 - Present Martial Arts Training

1985 - Present Teaching Martial Arts, occasionally hired as body guard and to train staff and security
     Combining techniques from boxing, karate, kung-fu, Tai Chi, grappling including       
       weapons use and defense and aggressive and non-aggressive self-defense
       and restraint techniques and tactics

dual teacher certificationblack belt certificate