Anger Management Controlling Your Cave-person Inside

I wrote this book on anger managment at the request of a young lady who was tired of being angry all of the time. She knew that other people were happy and she wanted to be happy also.

First, let's begin by defining anger. Anger is an emotional response to an outside or internal stimulus causing a reaction of stress and sometimes physical and or verbal violence. The causes of anger are as varied as any emotion. Anyone who has been in a relationship and said, what they thought as an innocent remark and got their head bit off may attest to this. Anger initiates our fight flight response, basically setting our bodies in a defensive and protective mode to keep the saber tooth tiger or the other cave persons from killing us. In today's society it is quite destructive when displayed in a manner not considered proper to society or injurious to an innocent person.

Different Types of Anger

Chronic Anger
Some people assume a defensive approach to the world and find themselves constantly angry. This response stresses the body and can lead to health problems, such as headaches, ulcers, and heart disease.

Explosive Anger
Some people have learned to express their anger in violent ways. This behavior may harm others (verbal/physical abuse) and/or self (breaking valued objects, embarrasssing self, etc.).

Stuffed Anger
Some people are afraid to express any form of anger. These people tend to keep their anger and resentment bottled up. This results in increased tension and a failure to resolve the situation.

Passive-Aggressive Anger
Some people display their anger in non-direct ways such as arriving late, "forgetting", ignoring, etc.. They may experience a sense of revenge, but the problem is not directly confronted or resolved.

So anger is a bad thing right? No, not anymore than love, laughter or crying. Anger is a part of who you are. Anger is a perfectly normal human or animal response. Anger becomes a negative thing when it harms you or those around you either emotionally or physically. So just hold it in right? Keep it bottled up so it won't hurt anyone right? Wrong, eventually it will come out. The degree your anger will come out will probably depend on how much of it you've kept bottled up and for how long.

Okay Mr. Kirkham I understand, but I'm still get angry and I don't want to get angry what do I do about it?

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