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I set this up so you can upload any contributions of articles you may wish to make for our world wide martial arts family. It will accept doc, htm, or html files. Mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian)

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international lethal defensive combat organization for realistic martial artists

martial arts, tutoring, shareware freeware, submit site

Internal Energy Strikes and Taking Strikes for Martial Artists and Nonmartial artists

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Vita Saana School of Afrikan Martial Arts
Health Shaman.comHealth Resources - everything from Alternative Medicine to New Age ! Alternative, Holistic, & General Health Links, plus much more.
I didn't see a link to my information packed, non-advert web page on there :0( Peace, Dave Here ya go Dave - Rick is a new martial arts site that examines the philosophy of traditional martial arts as it applies to reality on the street. Updated every few days with additional articles, links, and information, so check back often. Thanks!
Tiger is a professional/personal martial arts instructor, author of the = new book Martial Knowledge, and an up and coming actor!
Bushi Kempo Academy of Ju Jitsu & Karate Tasmania "the art of self-preservation"
Sensei Kirkham, I am sending this to you after having found your ezine, I wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading all the articles and learning of your good work. I have been in the martial arts for over 30 years, have been totally blind for 24 of those years and an instructor in my own right since 1981. I had an instructor that never gave up on me and wouldn't let me either! I have a partner of 6 years who is also disabled (fused broken back). We both strive for excellence in the martial arts seeking to perfect our characters and those of our students as well. We have created the Jasukai Martial Arts Society which is a blend of Three Arts: Shotokan, DanZan Ryu Jujutsu and Hwarangdo. If you are interested in looking, our web page is at . I look forward to working with you! Jason Moore
 From Sue Bamlett, Kobukan Karate Club We would love to swap links, please feel free to visit our site and let me know what you think. Best wishes Sue Bamlett
Marital Arts Discussion Forum at Yahoo
 It would be of great pleasure to me if you could add my web site to your link list. My Web Site is the Kibusho - Martial Arts and Philosophy It's located at My Web Site focuses on the philosophy of martial arts particularly Zen and Taoism. Also featured on my web site is MPEGs and Instructional Techniques which could be useful to martial artist of all styles. BTW, your site is great...
Santa Cruz Branch Dojo welcomes you to learn more about matsubayashi-ryu, okinawa's oldest karate style! We have many photographs and history for your enjoyment.
I have posted a link to your site at the following URL: . I would like to submit our link to you for a reciprocal link. Our site is called The North American Black Belt Hall of Fame and is open to all styles and disciplines.
I recently designed a web-site for my karate instructor, Shuseki-Shihan William Oliver. I found out of your site through an email about Here it is:  
Arnis Balite is a Filipino art of Hand, Foot & Stick Fighting, never before taught in the United States.
Tiger Dragon Martial Arts Temple
I invite you to review: KarateShorinKan: Traditional Okinawan Karate for addition to your Ezine and directory. I saw your site from David Rogers
Hello I am the webmaster of a new martial arts portal : It contains the description and the story of martial arts, and soon a search engine, some news, a forum, a chat, a discussion group.

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Increase Your Striking Power 50% to 100% in One Lesson or Video tape Best Viewed with Internet Explorer
Martial Arts site in English/Spanish using a question and answer format. Intelligent, healthy and artistic approach, by Claudio Iedwab & Roxanne Standefer, authors of Secret Art of Health & Fitness, Martial Arts Mind & Body, Peaceful Way.
if you have time checkout we've been working on this site for over a year. please let us know what you think... martial arts
In Home Tutoring for Hawaii Residents

Martial Arts Video Tapes
on the Internet
Order Martial Arts Videos off CD
Bushi Kempo Academy of Ju Jitsu & Karate
Anger Management Controlling Your Cave-Person Inside

Conquering Obesity in Children
The Official F C S home page
Dear Sensei Kirkham, Your site has been fun to visit as usual, keep up the good work. We recently acquired our own domain name. You can now find our website at the following URL:
How to Make Bumper Sticker and Magnetic Signs with No Special Equipment
I now have a place where you can add your favorite martial arts techniques. Even if it is already on the martial arts techniques page, feel free to add your martial arts technique again so martial artists may see how popular the martial arts technique is. Right now this is being done with form mail. If anyone can set this up as cgi with an autoreponse email I'd appreciate the help.
here is my link and thanks Mike

subscribe to the free martial arts ezine to learn more about karate, kung-fu, boxing, self-defense, grappling, and tai chi

Andy Wright World Martial Arts Alliance Co-Ordinator
Join the International Lethal Defense Organization
Dear Richard, I have added a link to your site and would love if you could do the same. Our info is as follows: AMAS Martial Arts Magazine Jason Wright
unsubscribe off the free martial arts ezine because I'm to busy to learn about martial arts until I get attacked and find that I must learn more about karate, kung-fu, boxing, self-defense, grappling, and tai chi. contribute money to Sensei J. Richard Kirkham for his time in keeping up your Martial Arts Ezine. Gee that would make me sooooooo unhappy.
Hi, I found your site while searching for Link-0-Matic software. I came to the tripod domain. I would like to add my link Thanks. Shihan Michael Pace
Free Martial Arts Ezine
Hi, I've added your URL to my Links page. Please check it out.
Regards Hoosain
Visit Ashihara Karate's HomePage. "To be better than the day before"
Truly Huge - Bodybuilding, Health and Fitness
Greetings! I will be glad to add your site. Our addresses are: Martial Arts Menu Page Iaido/Kendo/Batto-Do
Menu Page Thanks!Mark McGee
Hi it me Senseipaul from cottonwood and here is my new web page you'll see some pictures and couple digitized movies,you'll need Realplayer. Paul
THE THUNDER CENTER Your complete Martial Arts school in Karate-Jujitsu and Eskrima-Kali-Arnis for the whole family.
See the World Jiu-Jitsu Academy Webpage at:
> Hi Rick,>> I have a Martial Arts Tips site that contains Sparring Strategies if you> would like to grab the text off of there, feel free. I would be honoured to> be in your next issue.> > Let me know if you can use the sparring strategiesthere.> > >> Adam Gibson > (Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada)
The Martial Artist's Information Base
This website includes links to other martial arts schools and info.
The Art of Martial arts: Theoritical foundations and schools of thought associated with martial arts. From a student seeking the path to enlightenment .
Sir: here is our web page address,,,,,,thank you
Hello: I found your site while surfing the 'net, under "martial arts" with Excite. My name is Mindy, and I represent the North American branch of Sakura(R) Martial Arts Supply Co., your Local Global Connection for World Class Martial Arts Supplies. We would be pleased to exchange links with you. Our URL is: SAKURA MARTIAL ARTS SUPPLY CO.
Hello! I'm a martial artist myself, and recently I decided to create one of my first web sites, so if you'd like to insert it into your page you're welcome to do so.
I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised! More intelligent, well researched writing than some of the rags on the newsstand! Please add my link - (site still under construction)


Makoto Kabayama

Kabayama Bushidokan

Jeet Kune Do Concepts and Philosophy
The martial arts section of Eric Liao's homepage. Links, videos, and a self written martial arts tutorial.

I think it's great that you're putting out a free martial arts ezine. I haven't had time to read through the articles yet, but I will. I'd like to be added to your ezine's mailing list.

Jade Dragon Online will expand your knowledge of Asian culture through feature articles on martial arts, Asian philosophy, holistic health, doing business in Asia, the Asian-American experience, and much, much more!
Come and have some fun @ Australian FREE Goodies!
Thank you for trading links with the Martial Arts Ezine
Guy Savelli
Please add my url to your site. We have a great product that all martial artists can benefit from!
  Fitness Resource Page
a free bulletin board service. I added our Martial Arts Ezine Link there
  The website on Martial Arts:
  Martial Arts Links
Media Link's Free Web Goodies Dale has martial arts links and a dumb letter page you have just got to read.
Marz Invasion has martial arts links and other links to interesting sites
  Black and Blue Productions uvmaster@mediaone.
SENSEI RICK TEW MARTIAL SCIENCE An eclectic system of martial arts Private and group martial arts instruction and lectures
BLAUER Tactical Confrontation management Systems
  Martial Art articles by Don A. Cunningham

Thank you for giving the Martial Arts Ezine Permission to reprint them as needed.

 Zen Puzzles - I looked at this myself and loved them
Frank Thiboutot
Hi Gang,

Great work on the pages. If possible, can our link be added to your LINKS section?

Thanking you in advance for your consideration.


Steve Fossum
Koo Self Defense International World Headquarters

Koo Self Defense International World H.Q Awards Winning Web Site info@ksdi.netA unique street self defense martial arts' training system developed by Master Roger Koo. Visit our Awards Winning Web Site!
Grandmaster Petrotta

Vice President of the World MooSul Kwan Federation

Check out my website @ and
American Martial Arts Supply - For all your martial arts needs
Graceworld - A cybermall for the martial artists - martial arts equipment, weapons, sword, knives, giftware, health products, tiedye apparel and more. We ship worldwide!
I enjoyed your page and please add my sight

thanks for sharing your page with me... P. Birmingham
Shoreijiryu Homepage
United States Taekwondo Union - The USTU is the National Governing Body for Taekwondo for the World Taekwondo Federation and US Olympic Committee.
there is a great site at: INTERNATIONAL JUJUTSU SOCIETY
Sensei J. Richard Kirkham, My name is Bernardino Santana Junior. If is possible I would like to add a link of me page i your site. My page is about ASAMCO, a brasilian martial art. This page have two versions, Portuguese and English. The adress is : I found your site in when I was looking for "martial arts styles". Please reply this email . Thank you Bernardino Portuguese version -English version
Master Kirkham,
Request permission to link with your web page. We are the World Ji Do Kwan Federation.
Senior Master Herb McGuire WJDKF
Dit Da Jow and other Herbal Liniments, Martial Arts Books, Videos, Classes in Kung-Fu and Tai Chi Chuan, and more".
Wing Chun Kung Fu
Internal Martial Arts
Fitness Pros Bodybuilding Resource. Free Newsletter, articles and book reviews. Walter Jennings Personal Trainer Certified by the IFPA Fitness Pros Bodybuilding
Please add link to my martial arts web at:
Please consider my link:
Fitness Pros Bodybuilding
Fitness Pros Bodybuilding Resource. Free Newsletter, articles and book reviews. Walter Jennings Personal Trainer Certified by the IFPA Fitness Pros Bodybuilding
Arnis Balite
Koinonia Productions
my name is David Garcia and my
I am a 6th generation disciple of Master Man Kwong Fong who was the youngest student to train eatensively and learn the complete system of Pak Mei Kung Fu also known as White Eyebrow Kung Fu under the personal instruction of Grandmaster Cheung Lai Chun. PAK Mei is a rare,unique and advance form of self defense which is rarely seen is the martial art circle.Pak Mei Kung Fu is one of the few system that combines both shaolin and Taoist practices into a single fighting style.
Sifu David Garcia.
Hi Richard,>> I've have added a link to your site from my MartialArts Link-Site. >> I was hoping that you return the favour and add alink from your site to my > Link-Site.>> > > Sincerely Yours,>> Adam W. Gibson> (Martial Arts Author)