Location sensitivity martial arts drills is probably one of the strangest things I teach and very effective. How do location sensitivity martial arts drills work? This is about the only time you'll hear me speak anything close to mysticism, although it's not actually. Those of you who read my article shooting down the mysticism of internal energy strikes will probably wonder where I am coming from in this martial arts article. Our bodies run off of electricity. Electricity is a form of energy. Energy cannot be destroyed. The energy used to run our bodies and make them work, know to western science as bio-energy, eastern philosophers as ki and chi, emanates from our bodies. This gives a possible explanation of our ability to sense when we are being followed, when someone is staring at us, the tickle at the back of your neck is an example of a physiological response to this sensation. Any of our senses, can be strengthened by use. This ability can be negated by physical limitations such as a hearing impairment, or a vision impairment, which would hinder such a development due to physical damage, but even with those limitations, you can learn to use what you have to the best of your ability. A blind person's hearing for example is not amplified, the blind person simply learns to use his or her hearing to the best of his or her ability.

The question now becomes, what is Sensei Kirkham talking about and when will he get to the point? The other question is can we become more sensitive to what is basically an electrical field. When you turn off your computer, you feel a difference in the electric field. One can also learn to sense, or actually become more sensitive to, a difference in the electric field emanating from a person's body.

Distance Drill

Have your partner stand at a specified distance from you, usually across an average size room. Go into a meditative or relaxed state. The worse thing you can do on this distance sensitivity drill is try to sense your partner. You must allow yourself to sense your partner pacifically without actively concentrating on your partner. If you had to do that what would be the point anyway? Close your eyes, empty your mind. When your partner looks as though you are ready he or she will begin to walk toward you quietly. Be sure to keep your partner from creating noise walking or shadows you may notice even with your eyes closed. Keep your mind empty, when you feel a pressure, or your sight darkens even with your eyes closed, or whatever physical changes take place for you personally, open your eyes and see if your partner moved and how close he or she got before you sensed your partner. Repeat this until you become fatigued or jittery. It is better for you to preform a number of repetitions then change places with your partner so that you do not have continuously leave your meditative state. Make sure your partner does not set up a pattern of beginning to walk toward you at certain intervals or you will react to that pattern not your sense of presence or to his or her electrical field however you prefer to think of this sense. Do this from the side and from behind also. You could turn to look at your partner or raise your hand as a signal that you sense your partners presence. If your back is turned toward your partner leave your eyes open as that is also a different sensation and more realistic.

Blocking Drill.

I still remember when I first started boxing. I got my back turned toward my opponent on the ropes,. I felt a pressure and ducked as I felt the wind of a huge hay-maker go over my head. I won that match, thanks partially to my sense of presence or in this case sense of danger.

Blocking Drill Procedure

Face your partner and close your eyes. Empty your mind and relax your body as you did for the previous drill. Follow the same procedure as to shadows in the previous drill. Your partner slowly begins reaching out to touch your body or head. If you feel a pressure or whatever it s you sense toward a body part, execute a slow block. Flailing hands and closed eyes are not very safe. As your sense of awareness increases you may naturally speed up in a cautious, safe manner. Even if your partner touches you react with a slow block. Again do not try to sense proximity, let it happen. Make sure your partner does not set up any kind of recognizable pattern you may subconsciously recognize. Don't fool around, trust is very important in this drill.


Sensitivity drills were practiced successfully by myself and a blind student. Before the blind student left for personal reasons, he was blocking at a medium speed by incorporating his increased sensitivity to his partners electrical field. There is no reason normal sighted inviduals cannot beneifit, as I did myself, from these proximity drills.

I am presently working on an ebook on methods and drills for internal energy strikes and sensitivity drills. If you are looking for mysticism do not buy my book, you will get facts, drills and how to's in my internal energy book in plain language. I have one section of my meditation ebook already including internal energy strikes. Those of you who would be interested in my book on internal energy strikes or advertising in my ebook on internal energy strikes please let me know.

Sensei J. Richard Kirkham


Honolulu Hawaii



Sensei J. Richard Kirkham is a 27 year martial art veteran. He is a dual certified teacher with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Physical Education with a background in Special Education, Exercise Physiology, Movement Education, and Behavioral Modification. He is presently an in home tutor, self-defense instructor, and body guard. Mr. Kirkham is presently teaching in Honolulu Hawaii. He can be reached at 808-528-5775 Ext. 5. He has one challenge which has yet to fail him, he can increase anyone's striking power 50% to 100% in one lesson. For those who cannot see him in person, he offers the same service with others on affordable custom video tapes. Sensei Kirkham has the unique service of offering in home classes so that people may learn self-defense in the privacy of their home without worrying about travel after a hard days work.

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