Help Now Available for Overweight and Obese Children

Help is now available for overweight and obese children. Mr. J. Richard Kirkham is a dual state certified teacher and a black belt self-defense instructor. He has a B.Sc. in Physical Education and a background in Exercise Physiology. Mr. Kirkham is also an expert in behavioral modification techniques and is a firm believer in positive reinforcement. He is already running a very successful program to improve children's motor coordination.

"My goal is not just the physical side of the over weight problem. I need to help the child to feel better about him or herself in order to help the child lose weight. Positive reinforcement, administered properly, is a must with this program. I am not a dietician. I think if people just eat reasonably and stay away from snacks and sweets they should do fine as far as nutrition goes.[an error occurred while processing this directive] My expertise lies in exercise and movement education and this is what needs to be concentrated on combined with positive reinforcement to help the child improve self-confidence, lose weight, and change the life style which may have been the cause of the obesity or over weight problem."

Obesity is one of the major contributors toward death. You have a choice to help your child's weight problem; wait until the weight problem  becomes so large that damage to his or her health, social life, recreational activities, and possibly even relationships may have drastic consequences, or contact me now. I will analyze your child's physical abilities and needs and develop a program for them or you can order one of my video tapes, which will discuss with parents how to help their child with the child's weight loss and positive reinforcement program. The video tape includes positive reinforcement techniques, behavioral modification techniques, and an exercise program geared toward children. All of these various parts put together are necessary to help your child change his or her life style in order to lose weight and become physically fit and healthy again.

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