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Learn one of the deadliest, realistic yet flexible systems in the world through video tape. Use lethal defensive force against the burglar trying to hurt your family or restrain, without harm, your drunk friend. Law enforcement personnel and average citizens must see this tape. We are not living in a civilized society. In Business Seminars and Workshops are available upon request. If you don't think it will happen to you, you won't be ready when it does.

We have a choice of 4 video series from which you can choose from:
  Slick Tricks for Ending The Fight
      A must for those who wish to learn quickly. A good addition to your previous martial art skills and a good tape for those who are not interested in the traditional aspect of martial arts and just need to learn how to kick butt as efficiently as possible when the defensive need arises.
This tape contains lethal martial art movements honed over a 24 year period and should  only be purchased by responsible 18 or over adults. 39.95

  Nonaggressive Self-Defense
    For those individuals who must use nonviolent means of restraint. This tapes contains passive blocks, evasive moves, joint locks, noninjurious restraints, takedowns, and other movements not involving strikes. $39.95

Custom Tapes

What? You have a request? Let's hear it. After 24 years of martial arts if  Sensei Kirkham can not teach something, he knows someone who can. You will get your request fulfilled. Sensei Kirkham gives his  word. $64.95 on up

  Black Belt Series
    A series developed for those who wish to learn an art some Airborne Rangers have called effective. Everything above is encompassed in this series and through the use of a camcorder, you yourself can move up in rank in this street-wise system. First tape only $19.95.

Add $4.95 for shipping and handling. If we don't I'm not making anything on the tapes I worked so hard on for you, believe me. Thanks for you interest. If you would like any
free pictures of martial art moves, I would be happy to email them to you.

Sensei J. Richard Kirkham

608 Marshall
Fredericktown, MO 63645

C.O.D.s Accepted Add $2.95

Warning: Any techniques you learn and or practice can be injurious to a persons health and or life. The company, owners, students, and instructors do not accept responsibility for the actions of those who view this, or any other tape. See a physician before engaging in any physical activity.

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Sensei J. Richard Kirkham

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