Tutoring Behavioral Problem Electronic Book

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I am writing a tutoring and behavioral modification e-book. The tutoring ebook will contain teaching and behavioral modification techniques that I learned in college, and picked up working with ADD and ADHD students. You can preorder my printable tutoring electronic book and help your child. You will receive the printable tutoring behavior modification ebook in it's present form, plus a free email consultation and free updates.

My tutoring and behavioral ebook is based on my education and my experience which you may find below. It will contain sources of other information which I and you will find pertinent. Email me if you have question concerning email, phone, in home consultations, or my printable tutoring and behavior modification ebook. For a free list of all of my services from free to afforable email webmaster@tutor.hypermart.net.

You may find information on my qualifications at http://tutor.hypermart.net/tutoring.html