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So how does one become a martial arts master, an in home & internet tutor specializing in A.D.H.D and other behavioral problems, an author, wholesaler, and bumper sticker manufacturer?

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I started martial arts when I was 14 years old and have been in martial arts and teaching realistic self-defense more years than I like to think about now. By incorporating modern teaching methods, and my background in movement education and exercise physiology, I am able to increase your learning speed by 75% of the norm and usability of self-defense techniques by the same amount utilizing my background in behavioral modification and positive reinforcement methodology.

I went to college and became a state dual certified teacher. One of my specializations was physical education for special education. It was through my college training and later my job training and experience that I became qualified to tutor almost any subject and indeed tutor individually utilizing alternative teaching methods geared toward the individual and stressing Positive Reinforcement Methodology, building self-confidence and learning skills. I began and continue with a successful violent behavior modification program as well. Please don't let your child fall between the cracks of our education system, contact me. When you contact me you will receive a free list of behavior modification techniques.

Not knowing what I wanted to do after college, I did not go into tutoring right away. I spent over 12 years in sales. The main sales job being health oriented working with hearing aids, selling hearing aids, and adjusting hearing aids. This required me to be sent to sales schools and public relations schools as well as technical training. Do to my teaching skills, I can transfer this hard earned knowledge of sales and p.r. via personal consultation, custom book or custom ebook, and video tape. I can increase your sales and income by applying a mixture of modern education techniques, sales techniques from finding prospects to closing major deals, and public relations to help with referrals and keeping the clientele you have.

After a few months of thought, I finally took the plunge and, with no money to start a business with, started a successful in home tutoring and self-defense instruction business. I utilized my sales and p.r. training to make attractive informative flyers that called the potential client to action by contacting me. Around this time is when I got heavily into the use of computers and the internet. Eventually getting to that point where I could offer computer lessons in my curriculum and begin advertising on the internet as well. My best friend, whom I would like to mention, Chuck Smith, may he rest in peace, introduced me to the nuances of the internet and I will be forever grateful to him. Since then, I have set up web pages for several companies and individuals, eventually tutoring myself out of a job, since teaching and doing should go hand in hand as far as I am concerned.

Not having any money to advertise with anything but classifieds for mass media and the internet of course I picked up many advertising tricks and gimmicks that costs me little to nothing including how to make plastic bumper stickers and magnetic signs, my own business cards so they would not fade, my own plastic magnetic business cards and recently my own electronic business cards. Then a thought hit me. If I need these things, other people probably do to. So I begin selling them during dead time of my tutoring and self-defense business or as a part of my tutoring and self-defense business if I was asked where I got my signs. Knowing no matter how hard I worked I was only one person, I began hiring other people to sell my bumper stickers and other advertising materials that I had originally studied to make for myself. Bumper stickers is still one of my highest selling items over the internet.

Recently, I became an author after writing several books in my favorite electronic format. I can even write a custom printable ebook (for those of you who prefer hardcopy you can print out the ebook itself or I can have the book bound for you) for any of the above subjects. The same subjects can be done for you on video tape , phone consultation, email consultation, and of course, private in home or in business consultation.

So yes, there are a lot of fields that I have expertise in, but I can help you with any of them. For an email list of all of my services email me at Let me what what subject you are interested in it will help.

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