Search Engine


I am your Client-side Search Engine and wanna help you to find what your are searching for in these web pages. You can give me a keyword (in the edit form above) and I will search for it in the database when you klick onto the Search button. If I can find the keyword (or parts of it) in the database you get a link in the hitlist that I create for you.

You can define how I am looking into my database. You can

compare your keyword within a keyword of the database
compare both keywords beginning with the first char ([x] Begin of word)
compare case-sensitive ([x] Case-sensitive)
use boolean operators or, and, not and brackets to detail your search

The following table shows a list of keywords, for example, from the HTML pages member, logo, aboutus:

member.htm logo.htm aboutus.htm
Member Quality OASE
Fee Member Shareware
Offer OASE Aims
Service OASE Service service oriented

Here are some search inputs and the corresponding hitlists (without looking on [x] Begin of word, [x] Case-sensitive):

Input Hitlist Remark
Member member, logo normal keyword
not Member aboutus all keywords not equal with the input (inverted)
Member OASE member, logo, aboutus all keywords equal with keyword one or keyword two; we have a hit if only keyword one exists, or only keyword two exists, or both exist
Member or OASE member, logo, aboutus like the input above
Member and OASE logo we have a hit if both exist
not (Member and OASE) member, aboutus give all hits that not have both words in it (brackets show which part is calculated first)
not Member and OASE aboutus without brackets we calculate every entry that has not the first word in it and in the result take only those that have the second word in it (priority is not, and, or)
the input not Member and OASE or Quality corresponds to ((not Member) and OASE) or Quality

If we're looking on [x] Begin of word your input has to be equal with keywords from the first character on (in parts or full length). We have no look on [x] Case-sensitive:

Input [x] Begin of word
[ ] Begin of word
Service member, aboutus member, logo, aboutus
not Service logo empty
Service OASE member, logo, aboutus member, logo, aboutus
Service or OASE member, logo, aboutus member, logo, aboutus
Service and OASE aboutus logo, aboutus
not (Service and OASE) member, logo member
not Service and OASE logo empty


If your keyword matches a keyword in the database I create a hitlist with a link to the corresponding link to the web page. Here you can

produce a new hitlist every time you start to search (old lists are deleted)
append new entries (links) at the end of the hitlist ([x] Keep hitlist). Maybe you have to scoll down to see the new entries.
hide the input form during selection of a link in the hitlist ([x] No input form). Try the back-button of your browser to get back to the input form.

The hitlist, for example, looks like this:

Hit per cent Keyword Description
Free information for members
OASE-Logos Quality standards according to the Euroware standard
How many characters of your keyword and the keyword in the database are equal (percentage)?
Shows the keyword in the database (and equal characters of your input in bold)
Short description of the topic of the web page (normaly the title)

The hitlist is sorted descending to the percentage.

Keep in mind, that the hitlist is created during run time, so it is not persistent over time. If you klick on a link in the list you normally should get back the list after klicking on the back button of your browser. Alternatively you can create the list through klicking on the "Search"-Button again (maybe you have to put in the desired keyword again).

Not enough

Standardly [x] Begin of word is activated. So you get links where your keyword and the keyword in the database are equal from the first character on. If the result is not what you expect you should deactivate the checkbox. If the hitlist shows wrong links again you should try another keyword (try a synonym).

Too many

It is possible that you get to many or wrong links in the hitlist.Try to activate [x] Case-sensitive for a better result.

web pages

The links in the hitlist can be loaded through klicking on the (underlined) keywords. You get the begin of the web page, although the keyword could be in the middle or at the end of the page. It is not possible to use HTML for a direct jump to a keyword yet. So if you want to see all positions in the web page where you can found the keyword you have to use the (local) web page search mechanism of your browser. Use the clipboard to get the keyword you have clicked on into the search dialog of your browser:

Select the keyword in the hitlist with your mouse and copy it to the clipboard. If the keyword in the hitlist is equal to the keyword you put into the input form you can also select the whole string in the input form to copy.
Click on the keyword in your hitlist to get the corresponding web page (wait a moment until the page is fully loaded).
Call your browser's search dialog (for pages) and copy the clipboard into the input form (<Shift>-<Insert>). When you klick on "OK" you get the first keyword position in the web page. Maybe you have to repeat this until the right position is found.

For Sale by Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.: Copyright © 1997-99 by Rainer Eschen.