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Search = Applet
(Updated 12/05/98)

This applet is a search engine for Web site contents. This = applet=20 requires no CGI or Web Server "assistance". A complete, = fast,=20 and powerful client search

Download zip=20 package


  • Web "Crawler" dynamic search engine, no need to = maintain a=20 static "list" of URL's.=20
  • Full HTML page search by keyword.=20
  • Search can be optionally filtered.=20
  • Multi-threaded, spawns upto 50 separate threads while = independently=20 searching pages.
  • Drills down thru website by following discovered links in = searched=20 pages.=20
  • Efficently reads URL's in 150k chuncks.=20
  • Found matches may be linked on directly, while applet = contiunes=20 searching in background.=20