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Make your web site searchable using JavaScript or Java with searchTHIS

searchTHIS -- JavaScript
The WAIT is OVER, and things are prettier than ever. A new powerful JavaScript is generated by indexTHIS. It will allow users to search your site and returns results based on relevancy. The JavaScript takes much less time to load then Java, and is simply a form, that can be placed anywhere on your web pages.

indexTHIS will index your web site, generating search engines and index files which will allow your web site users to quickly search your site.

searchTHIS -- Applet
If Applets are the answer to your problems, then here is your solution. A completely cusomizeable java applet that returns results by relevancy.

And if you experience problems...
I will gladly help as best I can. It is difficult for one man to answer everything, but I'll try.

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