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Hi and thanks for taking time to check out this site. I'm Rick Kirkham and I can make a darn good resume. I'm a duel certified teacher and self-employed in-home tutor and yes one of the subjects I tutor is English. I spent 9 years in sales previously and learned a great deal about how to word things. I can make a person with poor qualifications look good and I can make a person with good qualifications look great. For example if you did house cleaning on the side you managed your own business. You were the book keeper, scheduler, secretary and janitor (or maintenance engineer as I would prefer to say) Jokingly we could say a person who worked at a gas station was a supervisor in charge of public relation and the retail sale and transportation of petroleum products. The attendant was but that might be going a bit to far on a resume. Please put yourself in my hands. You provide the facts and any special paper you require and I'll design your resume. I'm good and yet affordable. A FREE resume outline can be emailed to you upon request. This is just a standard resume outline, but you may find it helpful. I use several combinations of resume forms some of which I developed myself. I have had great success with these resume forms and I hope I can help you. If I take my time to send you a basic, yet helpful resume form, I would like the right to send you information now and then.

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