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Pest control living in Hawaii? Two opposites as far as insect control goes. It's never too cold for bugs to die around here so pestcontrol becomes an issue for everyone. I bought this sonic pest control device about three weeks as of writing this page on pestcontrol. It's working great for me and my wife. We have a baby coming so we were looking for a way of controlling insects by means other than sprays that could hurt our new baby. This sonic pest control device has dual speakers pointed at different angles, which impressed me. Through research I found out that roaches and other insects can get used to a single pitch even though it may start out painful to insects. This sonic pest control unit has random variable pitch thus giving insects and rodents a very hard time.

If you wish to support the time I've put into getting this information to you by ordering the product from me. You may call (I'll email you my phone number unless you have it from my ebook), email me directly, product number is Z-6287-A8 it costs $39.99 plus 15% for shipping and handling or use my order form. The dealer number you will need to give for the order is X2204867.

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Magnabloc - I have recently ordered a Magnabloc knee-brace which uses magnets as a way of blocking pain. I still need some pain relief during hard workouts or after a hard workout. Those I know who have tried the products notice pain relief almost immediately. Look at the site if you like and if you would like to try one feel free to use my ADA number X2204867 or email me if you have further question. This site even has a point and click service to answer your questions about various pain.

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