International Lethal Defensive Combat Organization

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Are you receiving the recognition you deserve for honing your body into a finely tuned destructive defensive force?
Are there those who doubt your skills, yet you are too well trained to physically display your skills and injure them?
Then join The International lethal Defense Combat Organization, and receive a free personalized, frameable document which testifies that your hands are registered with the International Lethal Defense Combat Organization
The International Lethal Defense Combat organization is in its infant stages. As word spreads and we get some of the most devastating fighters in the world, you will be on top of that list of members. We will not accept everyone. You must send us an explanation as to why you think you belong to our organization. You'd better include your name, style, rank (if any), experience and a phone number and address (email also please) we can reach you at if you're accepted. This will be an elite organization. Don't feel you're not worthy. Remember, humility is a sign of a great martial artist.

The first thing you will want to know is our registration fee. This fee is refunded if your letter of introduction is rejected or held if we have further questions.

Frameable Document and Membership is $25.00 annually
Frameable Document, Iron-On, and Membership is $35.00 annually

Frameable Document, Personalized T-Shirt, and Membership is $45.00 annually.

You'll find the name of the head of the organization and address to send your application fee to Below

Sensei J. Richard Kirkham
608 Marshall
Fredericktown, MO 63645

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