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Ohana Hearing Care Hawaii Meditation and Relaxation Techniques from pain relief to internal energy strikes
the tutors tool calculator, alarm, chronograph watch
I love these calculator, alarm, chronograph wrist watches. As an in home tutor, I have used mine many times, as can anyone else who would like to have a calculator, alarm or stop watch handy. At $12.95, or $6.95 for 12 or more, the price just can't be beat! Add 15% for shipping and handling, batteries are not guaranteed, but if the rare occurrence of a dead battery occurs they are easy to change. Orderyour calculator, alarm, chronograph watch now.
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Download this electronic book containing services and newsletters from martial art, tutoring, to business development. There are many on line links as well as some fairly fancy html work.

Download this Free Inside Information on Hearing Aids Book. A must for anyone to read before purchasing a hearing aid.

Dos and Batch Utilities Batch Files

copycpics2a.bat is a batch file I wrote to copy files from my c drive to my floppy drive. Since I can only write batch programs and not any other language I created a way to add a variable in the middle of a batch file without a dos utility. It uses only utilities which come with windows 95 and up. You can edit it for your own use with a text editor by right mouse clicking on it. Do not rename the files as they call each other

Backup2cd.bat is a batch file I wrote to make small zip files of a particular subdirectory in alphabetical order including digits to a CD RW. I find I have fewer problems with small zips. It's easy to edit and use what you like. The zip includes a good pkzip command line utility

Start.bat is a batch file I use to start internet explorer for my clientele. It includes runhtml and a backup (thanks again Steve).

Free Stocks and some kewl products too! Reference too



Bumper Stickers How to Make Bumper Stickers How to Make Money with Bumper Stickers

Making bumper stickers was one of the things I learned to do for myself to advertise my full time business. I've been making bumper stickers now for 12 years as of writing the first version of the bumper sticker instruction book. Your choice is this - take 12 years to make the same mistakes I did making bumper stickers, tick off a bunch of bumper sticker customers with those mistakes, lose bumper sticker business because of those mistakes, or get my how to make bumper stickers book. Who wants bumper stickers, who needs bumper stickers, what kind of printer do I use for bumper stickers, how do I make a bumper sticker with little to no equipment The shareware version is an outline of my bumper sticker e-book. Home page. Download my book on making bumper stickers The shareware version is an outline of the book contained in my services and newsletters ebook

Conquering Obesity in Children Ebook  Download Winzip for any zipped programs
 Free Java
  Free Visual and Java Source Codes
   Free Java Script
   Freeware and Shareware

Add Your Classified Ads or Space Ads or View Classified Ads and Space Ads Best Viewed with Internet Explorer

If there is a Zen of computer programming this guy is the master.99% of his software is FREE. He programs just for the sake and love of programming. He has an HTML compiler that kicks the butt of some of the compilers out there you pay an arm and a leg for. I tried it myself and I love it. Go to his site. Remember , almost of Steve's software is free, so if you have any questions about his software, treat him with the respect he deserves and be sure to write him if you love it and appreciate what he does.

Runhtml can be used in batches to run your htm or html files

Free Ware Shareware and Advice
AY Paste Never fill out another form again or type in the same email letter more than once

Traffic Seeker was one of the of the things responsible for my martial arts ezine making it to the top of the serach engines. The major thing that helped bring The Martial Arts Ezine to the top of the search engines was you, the subscribers, advertisers and contributors

martial arts video taps and health system

Checker Check Printing Softwarefor internet fax and phone

I use this check program myself to accept checks over the internet, fax and telephone

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Custom ebooks, videos and cassettes

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