Rick Jan Frank Wedding Waikiki 10/23/99
Rick Jan Frank Wdding Waikiki

Waikik wedding Oct 23 1999 Rick Jan Frank
Jan Duldulao and Rick Kirkham
met in September of 1997 in a room where no body knew what you looked like or sounded like although you could communicate freely with each other. It was a room on the internet sponsored by a now famous company called Yahoo. The room was known as a chat room.

Jan would go into Yahoo Chat after a hard day of work to relax. Rick would go into Yahoo Chat after promoting his business either on the internet or using other media.

Jan and Rick quickly became friends. With nothing to do on the internet but talk, they got to know each other quite well.

Finally, around Thanksgiving of 1998, Rick received an early Christmas present. A ticket to Hawaii.

After being told by all family members to be careful, starting
from Mattoon Illinois, going to Ohare Airport in Chicago, a stopover in Los Angeles, and finally to Honolulu Airport, Jan and Rick met in person.

They were both a bit nervous at first, but eventually relaxed and realized they could talk just as easily facing each other as they could facing a monitor.

Jan and Rick fell in love. On October 23rd 1999 they pledged their undying love for each other and became Mr. and Mrs. Kirkham.

Waikiki park wedding Oct 23 1999 Rick Hunter Jan Kirkham

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