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Ohana Hearing Care has been serving the hearing needs of the people of Hawaii since 1966. The Exclusive FREE home trial plan is your assurance that we will provide you with the best quality products and service. Come in for a FREE clean and check of your present hearing aid. We will also provide a compu/vac ($25.00 value) treatment at no charge. While-you-wait repairs on all makes and models
at low prices is one reason we are the choice of so many hearing aid users. We can even rebuild your old aid if necessary. See our special online offer below for savings and a free gift.

Ohana's completely in the canal hearing aids

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The New Ultima Micro-amp hearing aids fit deep in the ear canal for comfort, clarity and natural sound

Don't Miss a Word
For anyone with a hearing loss, social gatherings can be a cause of anxiety. When we have a hearing problem, we have a fear of social situations. While it's great to be together with friends and family it can be exhausting and frustrating to hear only a part of what is being said. If you or a loved one has a hearing problem, we can help. New technology and computer programmed hearing aids offer greater hope than ever before. Even if you have been told that there was nothing you could do for your hearing problem you owe it to yourself to check out the newest technology. We have helped many people who had given up on finding a solution for their hearing loss.

Computer Technology

The latest hearing aids require very sophisticated equipment to program and fine-tune them for your hearing. We have the newest computer software and equipment to assure you of the best hearing available anywhere. We know that the best equipment is only as good as the people using it. That's why you can be assured of knowledgeable and caring service whenever you visit us.

New Technology Means Better Hearing For You
A recent article in The New York Times heralded the development of the new digital hearing aids as the most significant advance since the transistor. Newsweek Magazine hailed the Widex Senso digital hearing aid as the best new product of the year. The first of these "new generation" hearing aids was introduced in 1996. Since then we have helped people of all ages with many types of hearing loss to hear better than they ever imagined they would hear again.

What's the Difference?
Digital hearing aids have a microprocessor that automatically adjusts to the sound environment. This enables you to hear better in all situations. Loud sounds are never too loud and soft sounds still can be heard. Using computer technology the hearing aids are programmed to correct your hearing loss for differing sound environments.
By suppressing background sound, you hear with comfort and clarity.

DigiPro Sets a New Standard
The all new DigiPro Micro is the smallest hearing aid ever. Most people want three things in a hearing aid: performance, small size and a reasonable price. The all new DigiPro is high on performance. It is digitally programmed by computer to correct your hearing loss with a level of precision that is unmatched. While this technology is available in all types of hearing instruments the most popular by far is the tiny Micro-Amp model. There is no smaller hearing aid available at any price. Best of all, the DigiPro costs far less than other hearing aids with similar features.

Free Consultation
Call today for an appointment for a Free Evaluation of your hearing problem. We always offer you a free 30-day trial. There are no hidden costs. You will find no lower prices or a higher level of service anywhere. Your good hearing is our concern. There is never any pressure to buy anything. You make your decisions in your own time frame. For a free brochure, or answers to your hearing questions, call us today at

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