Losing Weight Over Weight and Obese Children

We've all seen the overweight child or children in P.E. class who are always picked last on the teams. We see these obese or over weight children also, during recess, in between classes, swimming, and trying to play summer sports. We've seen them laughed at, made fun, of beaten up. You may have even done some teasing yourself when you were younger toward these over-weight or obese children. Imagine the health problems this obese child has now and multiply those problems over the years.


I'm Rick Kirkham, a dual state certified teacher. I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Physical Education with an emphasis on Special Education, and background in Exercise Physiology, I am an expert in Movement Education http://tutor.hypermart.net/motor_coord.htmland Behavioral Modification techniques, including Positive Reinforcement methodology. I am an in home tutor http://tutor.hypermart.net/behavior_ezineone.html, and a Black Belt Self-Defense Instructor http://tutor.hypermart.net/martialarts_ezine111598.html.


I'll set up a program for your child. I do not believe in diets per say, just sensible eating. I will be utilizing my Exercise Physiology background and Physical Education background to develop a custom, fun exercise program for your overweight child. It's not just the physical side of weight reduction I must work on. I must also work on the psychological and social side of being overweight or obese. If the physical and mental aspects of losing weight are not put together, the child will stay the way he or she is and eventually get worse.


Moms and dads, I'm about to talk straight with you, so if you don't want to hear it, exit this now. Your child has a problem with being unhealthily overweight now. He or she doesn't have a problem after you get your taxes back, or after the harvest, or even the next payday. Your child is facing his or her weight problem right now. He or she cannot perform the activities he or she wants to or at least cannot do them well enough that they will continue. Which will cause an even greater weight problem due to lack of activity.


Are you getting the idea how adamant I am about seeing to it that the child gets the help he or she needs to combat both the physical problems of being overweight and the psychological problems with being overweight? Do you now have an idea whom I hold responsible if your child stays obese or overweight by not getting the help they need? That's right, you. You're responsible for your child's health, not the doctors, schools or anyone else. What's my fee? Well I haven't pulled any punches with you so far have I? I'm not gonna quit now and I can't promise my fees won't go up after you get your taxes back or whatever you may be waiting for. I'll evaluate your child for and set up a program for you to run for $95.00 not including travel expenses. I'll take measurements, do some physical tests and so forth. These tests will be run in your home since his or her program will be run there as well. If you prefer, I will run the weight loss program to improve self-confidence with behavioral modification and positive reinforcement methods. I'll do this for $40.00 per hour with a minimum of three sessions not including travel expenses. Many students have an abhorrence to groups or gymnasiums. I want the student to be in a comfortable environment. I can also evaluate the child and set up a program with a camcorder for $95.00. I am also available for a prepaid phone consultation at $40.00 per hour. My phone number is available upon request. As I have not yet found a credit card merchant I wish to hire, I can accept checks through snail mail or Western Union. Please call if you wire money. You may send a retainer of half (except for phone consultations) or to avoid applicable c.o.d. charges you may send the full amount.


I may have sounded a little harsh for which I apologize, but would you rather have someone working with you child who cared, or someone that was just collecting a pay check.


Thank you for getting help for your child,


James R. Kirkham

466 E. Main St.

Arcola IL 61910