Poor Motor Coordination Helping the Uncoordinated Child

We've all seen the withdrawn, quiet poorly motor coordinated child or children in P.E. class who can barely throw a ball or who's feet go out from under him or her when he or she tries to kick a ball due to this lack of trainable coordination. We see them also during recess, and in between classes. We've seen these uncoordinated children laughed at, made fun, or beaten up. You may have even done some teasing yourself when you were younger towards a differently coordinated child. Now I want you to stop and think of that poorly motor coordinated child just 10 or 15 years from now. He or she has very few friends, problems with relationships with members of the opposite sex. He or she is very out of shape and unhealthy due to the fact that they cannot even think of exercising or even putting on exercise clothing because of the psychological and social impact their beatings and teasings.


I'm Rick Kirkham, a dual state certified teacher. I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Physical Education with an emphasis on Special Education, a background in Exercise Physiology. I am an expert in Movement Education http://tutor.hypermart.net/motor_coord.htmland Behavioral Modification techniques including Positive Reinforcement methodology. I am an in home tutor http://tutor.hypermart.net/behavior_ezineone.html, and a Black Belt Self-Defense Instructor http://tutor.hypermart.net/martialarts_ezine111598.html.


I cannot change the attitude of all the children and some adults, but I can improve your child's motor coordination thereby, improving his or her health, both physical, psychological, and social health. You have a choice now. Their health is in your hands. I hold my sessions right in my student's home privately to avoid the psychological effect of being in a "gym". I set up a program for them, which you as can run yourself for a fee of $95.00, or I can run the motor coordination program for you to increase their self-confidence faster incorporating behavioral modification techniques for a fee of $40.00 per session with a minimum of three sessions. Traveling expenses are not included in this. Another option is for me to evaluate the student by video tape, performing those activities for which you are concerned about. I can do this for $95.00.


You may send a retainer of half (except for phone consultations) to James R. Kirkham, 466 E. Main St., Arcola IL 61910, USA or to avoid any applicable c.o.d. charges you may send the full amount. My phone number is available upon requestand I am available for prepaid phone consultations for an hourly rate of $40.00 per hour. As I have yet to find a credit card merchant that I wish to hire, I will accept checks through snail mail or Western Union. Be sure to call if money is wired to me.


Thank you for helping your child,


James R. Kirkham

466 E. Main St.

Arcola IL 61910