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Sensei J. Richard Kirham's book Step by Step Learn Internal Energy Strikes is now complete with a bonus section Taking Strikes and Coming Back for More. You may order this martial arts book in printable electronic form or bound hardcopy form here on the internet

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Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. is finished writing a self-defense book for all martial artists from beginner to advanced incorporating his Movement Education background which is called Bringing The Martial Artist Out From Within - Drills to Increase Your Natural Biological Abilities to Defend Yourself. Orders of his self-defense book will are now being taken You will receive free updates to the printable book as it grows along with a free generous resale program. The self-defense book is is also available now in hardcopy bound form, however updates of the self-defense book will still be in printable electronic form.

Sensei J. Richard Kirkham is a 27 year martial art veteran. He is a dual certified teacher with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Physical Education with a background in Special Education, Exercise Physiology, Movement Education, and Behavioral Modification. He is presently an in home tutor, self-defense instructor, and body guard. Mr. Kirkham is presently teaching in Honolulu Hawaii. He can be reached at 808-528-5775 Ext. 5. He has one challenge which has yet to fail him, he can increase anyone's striking power 50% to 100% in one lesson. For those who cannot see him in person, he offers the same service with others on affordable custom video tapes. Sensei Kirkham has the unique service of offering in home classes so that people may learn self-defense in the privacy of their home without worrying about travel after a hard days work.

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