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Another Martial Arts Ezine Martial Arts Ezine Issue 8

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I'd like to thank everyone for the wonderful contributions of articles, classifieds, and link exchanges. I've, thus far, received nothing but support and good wishes from our fellow martial artists. It is interesting to note that some of the most dangerous people in the world are also some of the nicest people in the world and we do mean world. This is the World Wide Web. Your articles classifieds, quotes, and links are seen by martial artists and martial art enthusiasts all over the world! If you submitted an article and it wasn't in this issue of the Martial Arts Ezine, keep looking. For now I'm just going to stick with one or two articles per Martial Arts issue. I truly appreciate your contribution and it will be used in an issue of the Martial Arts Ezine. In the meantime, because you were kind enough to contribute, I will keep your classified ad and or link in the Martial Arts Ezine at least until your article appears.

  Welcome to our martial arts ezine. I'm Sensei J. Richard Kirkham, your host and editor. There will be no prejudices in this martial arts ezine. We will accept articles from tournament fighters and self-defense specialists. For a short period of time, anyone who contributes to the Martial Arts Ezine can place a free advertisement with us. Who is us? All of you, the contributors, the readers, the advertisers. As I seem to be quite good with web sites, this Martial Arts Ezine will also be posted to http://tutor.hypermart.net/martialarts_ezine71598.html and registered with up to 450 search engines. As another service I offer is to enhance a web site for search engine and sales protocols and register the web sites, http://tutor.hypermart.net/submit.html, to search engines, many people all over the world will see your articles and advertisements. Please keep the advertisements to text only and be reasonable with the length. For now, if you do not wish to submit an article, but would still like to place an advertisement, which as of now, will show up on the Martial Arts Ezine web site and be sent to our subscribers and contributors of the Martial Arts Ezine. I am only charging $2.00 per ad per issue. Hard copies of the Marital Arts Ezine are now available $3.00 black and white or $6.00 in color. Faxed copies are $2.00

We are now accepting ads of any type. We hope this will help non-martial artists to understand the martial arts better.

 Cost of ads per issue:

Classifieds $2.00 per issue

Banner or business card size as $10.00 per issue

You may send your check or money order to the name below.

  Remember since we have also become a hardcopy newsletter you may wish to include a phone number in your ad especially if you want to attract local business.

You may want to consider printing hard copies out of the Martial Arts Ezine and giving them to potential students or customers containing ads or articles that you have submitted.

Sensei J. Richard Kirkham

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610-383-6324 Ext. 5


How do we keep this Martial Arts Ezine going and expand it even further?

With your help. If you would forward this to your martial art friends, I'm sure they would appreciate it. Be sure to enclose a note to them so they know I am not spaming them.

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If you ever wish to stop receiving the Martial Arts Ezine just put unsubscribe in the subject and mail to Martialartists@hotmail.com.

If you wish to submit an article or place a classified ad put contribute as your subject.

I'll be adding martial arts links to each Martial Arts Ezine page and submitting those pages to search engines. So the more you contribute, the more your link will be submitted!

There is something I need to make clear to everyone. To promote this Martial Arts Ezine, I go from web site to web site and let people know of the ezine available for all martial artists. Although there is software out there that is available to do the job for me, I REFUSE TO SPAM ANYONE. I do not and will not send out a bulk email, with the exception of those who wish to receive the Martial Arts Ezine. Different search engines have different martial arts pages and the link may not be a different color. I have a prepared letter that I paste into their email, which I CLICK ON BY HAND. So, if you or anyone else ends up getting the same letter from me, it's because you are in different search engines and since I USE THE SEARCH ENGINES AS ETHICALLY AS I POSSIBLY CAN TO PROMOTE THE MARTIAL ARTS EZINE THAT is why you or someone else may get more than one letter from me. There is no mailing list other than those who receive the martial arts ezine AND IT WILL STAY WITH ME AND NO ONE ELSE. Now that that's cleared up...

The Martial Arts Ezine is now in hardcopy! . That's right I've been getting several request for hard copies in newsletter form of our martial arts zine. Anyone submitting a classified or an article will have it appear both in hardcopy and all around the world in this martial arts ezine. You may wish to include a phone number therefore in any classified ads you run for the Martial Arts Ezine. I will continue also to submit the Martial Arts Ezine to a web page and submit that site to up to 450 search engines. The idea of reading articles, and getting opinions from martial artists all over the world is amazing.


Quotes of the day: War does not determine who is right. War determines who is left.

How about submitting your own quotes. Martialartists@hotmail.com


Where's the article? When the Jade Dragon on line magazine asked if we could trade links I didn't hesitate. Everyone's goal is to promote the martial arts. I for one would love to give the readers a different perspective whenever I can. It is, after all, how we grow, both as martial artists and people. So, as a change of pace, I wanted to present to you seven of their articles. I myself, have not had time to read them, but am looking forward to doing so. Tell me what you think. by the way the classified ads are working. I had a person advertising for real estate tell me she got a response the first day her ad came out. No promises there however, that that will happen to you.

1. Spiritual Dragon Taoism and the Sage http://www.jadedragon.com/articles/tao.html

In complete harmony with the environment, the sage is the focus of our fifth and final article in our series on Taoism. See our first four articles on Taoism at http://www.jadedragon.com/archives/taoism.html

2. Scholarly Dragon Novels by Asian-American Writers http://www.jadedragon.com/articles/novels.html

3. Dragon a la Carte Grandma's Kitchen: Healthy Summer Eating (http://www.jadedragon.com/index.html) Join us in Grandma's Kitchen for some quick, healthy and tasty meals perfect for your active summer life-style. This is part five in our home-cooking series from Grandma's Kitchen. For the first four articles, see http://www.jadedragon.com/archives/grandmak.html

4. Dragon's Melting Pot Bridging the Cultural Gap: The Overseas-Asian Experience The Litany of Education http://www.jadedragon.com/articles/bridge.html A Chinese-American young man facing a lifetime of pressure from his parents to return to school, finds his own key to success. This is a continuing series focusing on the experience of overseas Asians. For the first five articles, see http://www.jadedragon.com/archives/bridge.html

5. Sifu Dragon An Overview of Martial Arts http://www.jadedragon.com/articles/martial.html Join us as we explore the various systems of martial arts, beginning with the Chinese systems. Find out how these systems differ in approaches to discipline, class ritual, philosophy, combat and weaponry.

6. Fun-Loving Dragon Calendar of Events http://www.jadedragon.com/articles/calendar.html July's exciting events include the Bamboo Basket and Flower Containers exhibit, Bamboo lecture, and premiere engagement of Miss Saigon. Current Event Clips from Southern California http://www.jadedragon.com/articles/eventclp.html

7. Dragon Treasures Custom-Design Batiks from China http://www.jadedragon.com/articles/batik.html Designed for Jade Dragon Online, these beautiful pieces of art will bring good fortune and prosperity to your home, business, or martial arts studio. Also perfect gifts for Asian cultural enthusiasts!

8. Surfing Dragon http://www.jadedragon.com/links.html Links to Asian resources, finances, traveling, the Chinese Community News, the Japanese American Network, and other related Asian cultural topics.

Thank you for joining us in our July issue. We invite you to send in your comments, as well as articles so that we can make this truly YOUR publication!

Jade Dragon Online Staff http://www.jadedragon.com


Gifford Lumber Co. Fredericktown, MO USA

Integrated Business Solutions, copies, color laser, desktop publishing Fredricktown, MO USA

Slick Tricks for Ending the Fight Video and Lessons karate, kung-fu, boxing, yoga, grappling

Your space ad here only $10.00

Add Your Martial Arts Links. If you would be kind enough to reciprocate and add a link to http://tutor.hypermart.net/martialarts_ezine.html you will be one of those responsible for spreading the word about our (yours and ours) Martial Arts Ezine. As we receive more and more links and get more and more martial arts ezine contributors and martial arts ezine advertisers, some of the older martial arts links may be removed. However, I will add links to the last 10 martial arts ezine pages which had been registered to search engines so that martial artists and martial art enthusiasts will continue to be able to access your link. (No links, articles, or classifieds are related to the Martial Arts Ezine and we are not responsible for their content nor are they responsible for ours)

http://www.jadedragon.com/index.html Jade Dragon Online will expand your knowledge of Asian culture through feature articles on martial arts, Asian philosophy, holistic health, doing business in Asia, the Asian-American experience, and much, much more!

Come and have some fun @ Australian FREE Goodies! http://www.freegoodies.com/free.html Thank you for trading links with the Martial Arts Ezine


  This is a basic Kun Tao Orange Sash exercise. Guy http://www.worldkungfu.com/

Please add my url to your site. We have a great product that all martial

artists can benefit from! http://www.viaweb.com/kungfu

  Fitness Resource Page http://www.netsweat.com


  http://www.halcyon.com/richardc a free bulletin board service. I added our Martial Arts Ezine Link there

  The website on Martial Arts:http://www.student.kuleuven.ac.be/~m9209392/Ninja.htm

  Martial Arts Links http://www.hpl.hp.com/personal/Danny_Abramovitch/ma_sites.html

  http://www.submit-away.com http://www.nebulae.net

  Media Link's Free Web Goodies Dale has martial arts links and a dumb letter page you have just got to read. http://www.erinet.com/cunning1/tiles.html

  Marz Invasion has martial arts links and other links to interesting sites http://www.mv.com/ipusers/marz/

  Black and Blue Productions uvmaster@mediaone. http://www.blacknbluevideo.com

  SENSEI RICK TEW MARTIAL SCIENCE An eclectic system of martial arts Private and group martial arts instruction and lectures http://WWW.NINJITSU.COM

  BLAUER Tactical Confrontation Management Systems http://www.tonyblauer.com



  Martial Art articles by Don A. Cunningham



Thank you for giving the Martial Arts Ezine Permission to reprint them as needed.

 LWC BOOKS http://www.aracnet.com/~lwc123/

 Zen Puzzles - I looked at this myself and loved them http://enchantedmind.com

Frank Thiboutot http://www.wowpages.com/cardiokick

Hi Gang,

Great work on the pages. If possible, can our link be added to your LINKS section?

Thanking you in advance for your consideration.


Steve Fossum


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All right that's about it this time. How often will this come out? You let me know how often you would like to come out by submitting articles and or classifieds. We're still in the beginning stages. As regular contributors contribute and regular advertisers run ads we'll know a lot more. I'd like to bring this back to every two weeks unless anyone has any objections. Once a week is very time consuming even with all of the wonderful support I get from you, my martial arts family. Have any suggestions yourself? Let me know.


Sensei J. Richard Kirkham



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