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Today's world is filled with violence and adversity. Many people feel that through violence and suppression our enemies will be broken and eliminated. Instead of showing love and compassion to our fellow man, we show our muscle (nuclear arms, weapons of war and weapons of the street) and refuse to truly sit and talk to each other. The question of humanity is when will we learn to harmonize with one another and stop the eternal fighting. When will we learn to blend with nature and quit our constant destruction and pollution of our planet?


Many people from all over the world feel that the soft-style arts of AIKIDO, HAPKIDO, JUJITSU AND SUNGJA-DO are the most suited martial arts of our age.


Grandmaster Choi, Yong Sul, the founder of Hapkido, concluded that the purpose of martial arts was the perfection of the spirit, not merely perfection of physical technique. Although the modern forms of Karate, Taekwondo and Judo, stress the importance of mind-body training, they also emphasize competition and tournaments and therefore place an emphasis on winning.


It is at this juncture that Aikido and Hapkido show that they are unique. Aikido and most schools of Hapkido do not hold tournaments. They refuse competition as it is detrimental to progress on the spiritual path. The temptation always to be a winner would lead people to be egotistical and self-centered and develop a win-at-all-costs attitude. Defeating others was seen as a roadblock in the path to HARMONY in the universe. Students of Aikido are constantly reminded to let go of the "fighting mind".


Care is taken during actual practice to avoid clashing against another person's energy. When the student feels that he is forcing a technique, it is a sure sign he is clashing with his partner's energy instead of blending or going around the force. Using brute strength in Aikido or Hapkido is a sign of failure to execute technique properly. Only after years of practice does one truly recognize that it is unimportant to see who is best, who is the strongest, who is the champion. The true path of these martial arts is the path toward spiritual enlightenment.


Training in Sungja-do, because of the diversity of the curriculum, is much more of a relaxed atmosphere than the other soft traditional "arts." Each student interacts with other students and the instructors in such a way as to bring out total faith in each other and also actual realistic answers to life's street encounters.


Practice at an Aikido Dojo or at an Hapkido Dojang is held in a helpful and harmonious atmosphere. There is no rivalry because no one wins or loses. Students are instructed to maintain the idea of harmony and non-aggression in their daily lives.


Training in Aikido, Hapkido and Sungja-Do has no end; perfection of character is never complete.






Uyeshiba, Morihei O'Sensei

Founder of Aikido



It was asked of Mahatma Ghandi, " What do you think of Western Civilization?" His reply was, " I think it would be a good idea!"

Today in these United States, we are inundated with all types of crime. The following statistics are from 1989 and have risen steadily ever since:



CRIME INDEX OFFENSE------one every two (2) seconds.

VIOLENT CRIME-----------------one every nineteen (19) seconds.

MURDER-----one every twenty-four (24) minutes

FORCIBLE RAPE-----one every six (6) minutes

ROBBERY-----one every fifty-five (55) seconds.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT----one every thirty-three (33) seconds.

PROPERTY CRIME----one every three (3) seconds.

BURGLARY----one every ten (10) seconds.

LARCENY-THEFT----one every four (4) seconds.

MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT----one every twenty (20) seconds.


More crimes are committed in the southern states then anywhere else:


SOUTHERN STATES-----------37%

WESTERN STATES-------------24%

MIDWEST STATES--------------21%



Out of the top 25 DANGEROUS CITIES in the U.S., ten (10) are from the good ol' South.

Crime is and has always been on an upswing, increasing every year from city to city and state to state.

Why is this so?




FEAR plays a large part in the rise of crime. The ordinary citizen and shopkeeper are fearful when faced with the criminal type. Is this fear logical? Should we be afraid to walk our own neighborhoods or city streets?

I say, NO!!




The human body is equipped with two (2) ADRENAL GLANDS, one on top of each kidney. The glands secrete hormones, ( adrenaline, nonadrenaline and corticosteroids ), which are responsible for the physiological changes that accompany fear. Your overall energy level is stimulated. Your blood pressure rises to supply more blood to the muscles of your body you will most need to get you out of the confrontation in one piece; skeletal muscles of the arms, legs, back, chest and stomach. To provide this extra blood, some is diverted away from the face, neck and head. This diversion of blood away from the head causes some people to faint when frightened.

Mentally, you are stimulated. You become totally alert, razor sharp. Thanks to the hormones released by the Adrenal glands, your concentration is at a peak.

If you are a trained fighter, this jolt of hormones will make you a dangerous adversary. But, if you wait to long to act, either fight or run away, your unmetabolized hormones begin to play havoc with your system. You feel weak all over, nauseous. Your legs and arms start trembling and shaking. You can't think clearly, you lose your composure. You are out of control. Your body plays tricks on you.




ANGER, creeps in and takes control of your fear. Anger, physiologically speaking, produces a similar response to that of fear. Unlike fear, though, anger causes additional blood to be supplied to the face, neck and head. You appear flushed. This is because the head is a potent offensive weapon and as such gets its fair share of blood.

Your opponents will sense your anger is extreme. Somehow, we intuitively know to stay away from an angry opponent. We know that opponent is dangerous.


What will help most individuals in a fight or flight situation? TRAINING!!


No, not training for some sporting event like a tournament. But, training for reality and street survival. Many styles of martial arts work on one or two areas of self-defense only, not seeing the whole picture. Never box a boxer, never kick a kicker, never grapple a wrestler. If trained in one art only then how can you defeat all who come at you with different strategy.

There are several systems of self-defense that train for street reality: SUNGJA-DO, HAPKIDO, AIKIDO to mention a few.




:The " FIGHT or FLIGHT response ", is triggered by intense FEAR or ANGER.

:The heart rate increases, the blood pressure rises to supply more blood to skeletal muscles of legs, arms, back and chest, preparing them for maximum exertion; overall energy level is stimulated.

:You are mentally sharp; concentration is at a peak.

:You may appear pale when afraid, flushed when angry; your pupils dilate and your saliva flow is inhibited.

:Unspent adrenaline causes trembling, mental confusion and nausea.


Presented by Grandmaster George I. Petrotta, 7th Degree,

Vice President and U.S. Representative for

The World Moosul Kwan Federation


Register Your Hands As Deadly Weapons http://members.tripod.com/~tutors/lethal_org.html

Get the recognition you deserve!!


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Sensei J. Richard Kirkham



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