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Let me know what you all think.



Here are both articles. Thanks Bruce, got any more?

>>They are not specifically punch/ or kick drills per say, but rather what I call point weapon drills using practice knives and such. the drills that I have created work excellent for not only building the students understanding of the limitations of each weapon, but also in ease of disarms, increased speed and better evasionary tactics which have clearly transferred over into their regular sparring skills.<<

I feel the beauty of the drills that I have created is in their simplicity. I had a few main objectives in mind when I created these drills:
1.  No preset patterns: freestyle. We all know the advantages and importance of freestyle.
2.  To better learn and understand the capabilities and limitations of a weapon, during both offense and defense.
3.  No time limitations or constraints: Here I wanted to avoid the sense of urgency so to speak, that some students encounter with a timer ticking trying to get in as many techniques as they can before the timer buzzes. In real life threatening situation, there are no time constraints. They go until one has completed their objective. This way they are better focused on the objective at hand, and realize that in real life.....there are no teachers to shout, "YAME!" at the end of the round.
The beauty of the first drill lies in not only its simplicity, but in its ability to be varied very easily to other situations or increasing difficulties.
1. The knife drill: At a basic level we have two students, one with a practice rubber knife, and one without. The objective of the first is obviously in cutting or slicing his opponent. The other would of course lie in defending through use of evasion, throws, sweeps, or hopefully disarms. As I teach the students the common misconception of "taking a slice on my lead arm and then moving in to attack" is just very unrealistic on a physical basis for a few reasons. When someone gets sliced upon the arm, depending on the position on the arm and the depth.....the average student will be lucky if they have 3 seconds from which to make a finishing technique before their body goes into a natural cardiovascular shock which will not be negated by the adrenaline increase. the defending student also soon learns that the knife offers an extended reach and greater speed than that of the welder's hand, due to centrifugal force.
The two start off using the following point system to determine a successful attack or defense and get away:
ATTACKER: If the attacker successfully strikes three times, thru any means, whereby a mediator would judge if a slash was successful or not, he would win the round. The slashes can occur anywhere,,,with a slash to the Achilles tendon resulting at advanced level of what we call a "suspension crash", making the defender now get to ground to defend.
DEFENDER: If the defender successfully disarms, throws, sweeps, or makes the attacker submit by whatever means.....then he / she would be successful.
Since I incorporate chi Sao (hand sensitivity), wrist locks, and hand rotations (some basic wing chun principles and Arnis) the defender learns to go for control, redirection, locks, etc...at wrist and forearm level initially.
Once the round is complete....the two would switch roles then. I had one round between myself and my assistant..once last up to 20 minutes for one.
Increasing difficulty: you can easily choose to increase the number of the attacker requirements to a higher number...but I would suggest no more than 5 or it becomes ridiculously unrealistic. Lol...even three can be unrealistic. as the students increase their skill, I try to emphasize them into incorporating stophits...kicks....whatever else they wish. Also at an extreme level or just for fun sometimes....multiple attackers.
SAFETY: so far I have required mouthguards for both.....shin or foot pads...and gloves for just the defender so as not to injure the attacker, but allowing the attacker to more  freely. Fingerless gloves are acceptable for both too.
This first drill has proven to have substantial benefits, and I have seen great improvements in timing, positioning, speed and fluidity to name a few that have carried over to all aspects of their training, within the students that utilize this drill now on a regular basis.
2. TENNIS BALL DRILL: This second drill is a little more intensive...and I don't use it necessarily with the majority of my students..but for those that have shown the interest throw seeing myself perform this with others...they do seem to benefit from it as well. This is not an openly practiced drill due to my fear of potential injury..and definite repeated bruising for any when they first begin.
The drill is simple. Standing about 6 to 20 feet away, a thrower, representing the attacker, lops a ball(s) at the defender who is standing close against a wall. The defender learns evasion, defensive counter combos, and ultimately how to read what I refer to as "lines of attack". As the difficulty increases, the following variables are considered:
  • Evasion, blocking or redirecting of the approaching ball.
  • Advancement and retreat, used in combo with defensive measures of above.
  • The importance of swaying of the head a few inches opposing the direction of the block, redirection.
  • Combined evasion, advancement and countering against imaginary opponent directly in front of them.
  • Use of multiple ball attacks at once: 2 to 5 or more...
  • Use of multiple throwers and balls.
SAFETY: initially use of mouthguard, gloves, headprotector, and optional shin guards and chest protector for the defender.
These drills have worked very well for me. Even though they seem very untraditional, I feel that is irrelevant since they are ultimately effective.
Necessity is truly the mother of invention, as does chance favor the prepared mind. Let me know your thoughts, good or bad, and if any of you decide to try these drills. I hope these ideas have helped. I do also have some other drills that I enforce for those of you that facilitate groundfighting, wrist locks, and hand sensitivity.
Bruce Hakala
Defensive Awareness Training
"Assumption is the mother of all f_ck ups!"     :)
                       -Under Siege 2


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Will be in touch as soon as my other news (hopefully) comes through. Take care for now...terry


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Sensei J. Richard Kirkham



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