Hawaii In-Home Tutoring and Behavioral Problems
Local affordable in home tutoring is now available for residents of Honolulu Hawaii,  Kapolei Hi, Waikiki area Hawaii, Makiki area Hi,   Nuuanu area Hawaii, and the surrounding Hawaii areas by Mr. J. Richard Kirkham, a dual state certified, self-employed teacher and in home tutor.

Mr. Kirkham tutors and works with behavioral problems, poor grades, computers, and
Affordable In Home Tutor J. Richard Kirkham The Subjects Mr. Kirkham tutors include, math, algebra, English, speech, science, computers for both personal and business use and many more educational and business oriented subjects.

Mr. Kirkham is an expert at behavioral modification techniques and works with A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. He also has a very successful violent behavioral modification program
"For some parents, the options become very limited, hire me and have an excellent chance of improving their child's behavior, or pay 20 times my fee in attorney, court costs and fines."

I am now willing, after such a demand, to make video and cassette tapes for my Behavioral Modification Program. Some of these tapes deal specifically with A.D.H.D. and Hyperactivity. Email, icq chat, and on line chat consultation and conference services are now available for those outside of the Hawaii USA area for all of your tutoring and behavioral problem needs.

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