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Kwikchecks 3.0 check printing software

. Accept checks by phone, checks by email, checks through the internet, and checks by fax.

You'll soon wonder how you conducted any business without kwikchecks internet check software

Please note that all of the links to the left except the ORDER link are right here on this page so your clicks will go F A S T .

Kwikchecks will print checks

like the check at the top of this page which (if you use Kwikchecks) could have come in just a minute ago from...

  • a visitor at your web site where you sell snappy red widgets
  • a reply to an email you sent asking someone to buy your widgets
  • a fax or a phone call from a customer who saw your ad for widgets
  • your dad so you can pay tuition (yeah, the memo wouldn't say widgets)
  • or the check might be printed because of an agreement you made with Joe that you will send him 12 widgets and draft his account every month - or because of an agreement with your "ex" or your tenant

Imagine that you just got the check info a minute ago and you already printed the check and you're on the way to the bank to cash it then to the golf store to get that new putter.

And, Kwikchecks will print checks for your own accounts so you don't have to buy blank checks. You can even make it print checks to pay your bills when they're due. All you'll have to do is change the amount and check no. and print 'em and mail 'em.

And, your only cost is a few bucks for the software and one to five cents a check for check safety paper. The check saftey paper is not an absolute necesettie, but it does make the checks look more professional when the banks cash the checks and customers get there checks back. I know I should charge more for the software, but you guys expect a lot for a buck these days.

And, since you don't need anything but the software and check paper - no credit check, no approval, no agreement with your bank, no nothin - you can download and start using Kwikchecks today to...

  • collect money for whatever you're selling on the internet or wherever without all the nightmares of a credit card merchant account (we'll talk about those later)
  • collect from whoever owes you money over the telephone without hearing "it's in the mail"
  • pay your bills without writer's cramp

After you read the rest of this page, you should take a look at the order page whether you are ready to buy or not. It will show you what you could be doing on your own web site if you had our software to print the checks that would come to you from your own order page.

You can use an order form like ours (in fact, one is included with our software) whether you use the regular or the PRO version of our software. Remember, one big difference between the regular and PRO versions is...

  • With the regular version, when you receive a check from your order form, you will have to type the information into the software before you print the check and you will have to type an order confirmation to send back to your customer.
  • With the PRO version, you just click a button to import the check and another button to send a confirmation. Our software does the rest. You'll save an average of about 10 minutes per order.

TESTIMONIALS - Kwikchecks 3.0 check printing software

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Art Lehr: 2/25/98
I had already configured and adjusted the check parameters to my laser printer and now the whole thing works slicker'n deer guts on a doorknob. I appreciate all the time you took working with me... It's a wonderful program that I'm sure you're proud of. The check I faxed you cleared my bank so I know you're straight up on the banks' acceptance policies. Thanks again.

Terry Allen: 3/4/98
Thank you for such a perfect piece of software work! This has been the biggest single market advantage additive to my business in the past decade. I really appreciate your efforts.

Hank Lindgren: 3/20/98
...I'm sure this program is going to be a great help! Thanks for all the help and I'll be telling other people about your Kwikchecks program and where to get it! Thanks again.

Elden Allen: 3/26/98
Thank You Sir That Worked fine I am all set now sorry about the problem It was nice to hear back from you the same day I know a lot of times with other people it takes a week or more. Thank You again for your quick response.

Marcelo Hernandez: 4/8/98
Once again, thank you for the quick response. It worked great and the new version is even better.

Randy Donath: 12/16/98
I reloaded the software yesterday and reprinted the check. Everything printed fine. Thanks! PS. I took the check to the bank this afternoon and deposited it with absolutely no problem. The clerk didn't even look twice at the check.

Bob Newton: 2/6/99
Printed the first batch of checks using your click by click method---- Slick! ...You have been a joy to work with... I honestly believe that your original pricing of only $xx.xx... gave people the perception that this was a small...program. Little did they realize the power of your program... At least the one that takes it directly off the internet... WOW!

Antoinette Green: 3/3/99
This is great software and I have never had a minute's problem with it. My clients in Naples, FL love it that they don't have to mail me checks anymore.

Doug Hartless: 3/12/99
Thank you again! You're amazing. I have it fixed now. I was about to panic. I look forward to doing business with you soon. Note from Bob Stratton: My software is very easy to use, but from time to time people do get into the darndest tangles. When they do, I don't berate them, I help them out.

Gregg Mundhenk: 3/15/99
I've been using your software for several months now. (Kwikchecks 3.0 Regular) I love it and have enormous respect for the time and care you've put into Kwikchecks.

Keith Dyer: 3/20/99
I WILL TELL YOU THIS, YOU HAVE BEEN A VERY PATIENT AND PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS MAN THROUGH ALL OF THIS....I HOPE YOUR SOFTWARE IS A REFLECTION OF THAT......Note from Bob Stratton: My software is very easy to use, but from time to time people do get into the darndest tangles. When they do, I don't berate them, I help them out.

Howard Crawford: 3/28/99
Best of all ...... I got the form to work properly on only my second attempt. I had a typo. That in itself is a record for me... The first and only other order form I ever created took me about 50 hours. I'm sure my success was due mostly to the ground work you did. Thanks!! Note: Howard is not a computer whiz and he implemented the most complex features of Kwikchecks 3.0 PRO with very little help.

Terry McClurg: 4/13/99
Thanks. This is great!!

Steve Sichel: 4/14/99
Bob I just enjoy your software you really did a great job .

Ron McAffee: 4/17/99
I had Kwikchecks 3.0 working like a charm all the time everytime...love it, later.

Bruce Gleason: 5/27/99
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your software program. Since we purchased it in 1998 Kwikchecks 3 has become the mainstay of our accounts receivable billing. The ability to produce pre-authorized checks insures on time payments every time and saves us countless hours of invoicing. We had tried other so called check programs before but yours is the hands down winner. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Features (PRO vs Reg) Kwikchecks 3.0 check printing software

Kwikchecks 3.0 regular

will satisfy most of you. It will...

  • Lead you by the hand to get you started with no hassle. The help screens are great. Our software was designed with ease of use in mind. We have lots of features that are there just to save you typing and mistakes.
  • Print checks from your customers whether the check info came from your web site, email, fax, or by phone. You type the check info into Kwikchecks then print and deposit the checks.
  • Print checks for your own accounts so you don't have to buy blank checks anymore
  • Print checks one at a time or by date or by batch. It's easy to recover if your printer jams or runs out of ink or toner.
  • Easily locate any check for viewing or re-printing as needed - or for copying so that all you have to type when you get an order from an old customer is the new check number, amount, and maybe the check memo
  • Verify bank numbers to make it very difficult for anyone to pass you a bad check

Kwikchecks 3.0 PRO

will satisfy all of you. In addition to doing everything the regular version does, it will...

  • Save an average of 10 minutes of typing because you don't have to type the check info or the order confirmation.
  • Import check info from email or from a form on your web site so you can print and deposit the checks without even typing them into the software. A form that you can modify and use on your own web site is included with the software.
  • Send personal email confirmations to your customers - automatically. You can type a letter once and Kwikchecks will personalize it and use as often as you like. Your customer will never know it was a form letter. Your customer service has never been so easy and so good!
  • Print monthly payments automatically - whether you're collecting the payments or paying 'em. When you type in the check info, a click will tell Kwikchecks to print that check every month for the amount you want and on the day of the month you want. Repeating checks (AutoPay we call it) can also be printed weekly, or whenever you need them.
  • Import and export check information between other programs like Quicken, Excel, Access, etc.
  • Print deposit summaries and endorse the backs of checks so you can prepare even a large bank deposit quickly. The deposit summaries are very flexible and can be used to give you a variety of reports.
  • Maintain a bank database to reduce typing and errors
  • Maintain a customer database which will...
    • Make it easier to enter checks - especially checks from an existing customer
    • Let you "talk" to your customers by email or fax - including automated confirmations
    • Let you keep track of sales by customer

Why take credit cards?-Kwikchecks 3.0 check printing software

Which would you rather do...

(of course, if you already have a merchant account, you should still do no. 3)

1. Get a credit card merchant account and...

  • Fill out a credit application and pay an application fee (which is more than the cost of our software) and
  • Wait weeks to see if you qualify before you can do business - and what do you do then if you don't qualify?
  • Buy or lease expensive software and/or equipment for processing your credit card sales - in either case you will have a large up-front payment to make, much larger than the cost of our software
  • Pay a fee - maybe as much or more than the cost of our software - every month
  • Lose 3% or more off the top of every sale
  • Worry about chargebacks, and expired and stolen cards
  • Worry about selling too much and lose your account for exceeding your monthly sales limit
  • Lose sales to all those prospective customers just don't have a card

2. Just do without and...

  • Hope your would be customers will mail a check, cash, or money order
  • Make your customers wait a few weeks for their check to clear before you ship their order
  • spend lots of time golfing between orders

3. Use our software and
start cashing checks today...

  • Pay a small one-time fee (by check of course - we don't accept credit cards, do you?) for the software and initial supply of check paper and pay no fees to us or the banks - ever
  • Start accepting checks on your web site today - you are approved
  • Start accepting checks by phone or fax today If you want the check paper now we'll send check paper today by 3-day priority mail - we don't wait for your check to clear
  • Start depositing checks as soon as you print 'em
  • No fees, no equipment or other software, no leases, no approval needed from us or from your bank - all you need is our software, check paper, and any printer.

Is it legal? - Kwikchecks 3.0 check printing software

Of course it is legal!

Check demand drafts, or "drafting" funds from a second party's checking account, have been a method of payment for more than 8 years.

Fax, E-Mail, and Telephone checks (pre-authorized paper bank drafts) are completely legal. It makes no more sense for a bank to refuse to honor a draft as to refuse any other check.

The primary requirement is that the checking account holder (your customer) must give you verbal, electronic, or written pre-authorization, such as faxing you their check. or clicking an authorization box on a web form. Once you've received pre-authorization, you don't need a signature on the paper-draft just as you don't need a signature on a phoned in credit card order.

Paper drafts are explicitly established as a legal method for payment as provided in: Uniform Commercial Code, Title 1, Section 1-201 [39] and Title 3, Sections 3-104, 3-403, 2-403 Code of Federal Regulations, Title 12 Chapter II, Part 210 Regulation J, Federal Reserve Bank, Part 2, Sections 4a-201 to 4a-212.

The Federal Trade Commission in late 1995 proposed rules that became law in January 1996 (Regulation 16CFR Part 310) that requires businesses who take checks over the phone to have a "verification" procedure in place.

It's legal in Canada too!

Any one of the following gives Proper "verification" ...

  • written authorization received by mail or fax
  • recording the "authorization" phone call with customers permission
  • sending out written notice to customer prior to depositing paper draft. This notice only needs to be in the mail prior to making deposit. The email confirmations sent by Kwikchecks 3.0 PRO satisfy this requirement.

In actual practice, this verification will never be needed unless your customer later claims that no authorization was given. I have never had this happen to me, and I don't think you will if your dealings are honest. It doesn't seem to be much of an issue with small checks. The larger your check amounts, the more you may want to religiously follow a verification procedure.

Download - Kwikchecks 3.0 check printing software

It's important that you read the following before you download. (The download llink is at the end of this section.)

Buying Kwikchecks is risk free!

You can download Kwikchecks now for a free trial [see below].
or, you can order right now and we'll ship your check paper today. We verify your check instantly, we don't wait for it to clear. All prices are on the order page.

click here to order now, or

Download now for a 15 day free trial.

Email me if you have quesions about either procedure

  • Start using the kwikchecks software within minutes - whether you pay now or not
  • Don't register and pay until you are sure the software is what you want. You have 15 days to decide and even that time can be extended in unusual circumstances and by special request.
  • If you do not order now, you will not have check paper during your trial period.unless you order it from us. If you do order paper only, you can later deduct $20 from the software price since it includes $20 worth of paper.
  • During your trial period, you will have the full, unrestricted PRO version of the software. If you later pay for the regular version, you won't have to download again. The password we give you will restrict you to the regular version.

You can download the software, install it, and start using it now (whether you have paid or not). If you do not pay now, you do not need to return to this web site to order and pay for the software.

Trust us, you will have to contact us with questions unless you read and follow these instructions...

You will be downloading a file called "kwikchecks.exe".

Please note the directory on your computer that the kwikchecks.exe file is downloaded to so you can easily use the Windows run command to run
where c:\downloaddirectory is the drive and directory on your hard disk that kwikchecks.exe got downloaded to.

That's all you have to do, run kwikchecks.exe and follow the screens. It is self-installing and will create a "Kwikchecks" desktop icon that you will click whenever you want to use the Kwikchecks software.

Until you register and get your password, whenever you run Kwikchecks, just click on the green "nag screen" and the "Return to the Program" button and you will be able to use the complete, unrestricted PRO version of Kwikchecks during your "trial" period.

Even if you have paid for the software, the software treats you as if you were a "trial" user until you register and enter your password. Until then, even a paid customer will have to go through the "nag" screens.

Even ordering right here on this web site does not register your software. Only paid customers must register. Registration must be done after you download the install the software, and it must be done from inside the software while logged on to the Internet. You can not register the software on this web site!

If you do not pay now, you can pay right from inside the software as part of the registration process - you do not need to return to this web site. Even if you do pay now, you must register - and the registration process will ask for money unless you follow the instructions on the registration screen and its help screens for telling us that you have already paid.

After you've read the above instructions, then
click here to download kwikchecks.exe

FEEDBACK - Kwikchecks 3.0 check printing software

I'm not ready to buy or try...

Please take the time to tell us why
and and don't pull any punches.

Check all that apply...

I don't need it yet, but I'm interested.

I can't afford it right now but expect to return later.

I would buy if you took credit cards.

I would prefer to mail a check or money order to
James R. Kirkham 60 S. School St Honolulu HI 96813

I think I like software better
because: (Please tell us why so we can improve our software.)

Your web page loaded to slowly

There is not enough information for us to make a decision. We need answers to the questions below.

There is too much here to absorb. I was lost and confused.

I couldn't find my way around. I was lost and confused.

I like everything on one page. I can jump around so much faster.

There's way too much on one page. Break it into separate pages for goodness sake.

Your web site needs the improvements listed below.

I can help you improve and/or promote your web site as explained below.

If you have friends who may want our software,
make sure they access our site through your link.
If you don't want a link, please refer them to this site. Thanks.

I would like to earn $10 and $25 commissions on regular and PRO version software sales. We'll E-mail the html code.

Please give us your comments, suggestions, questions, etc.

Please give us your name:

and E-mail address:
(we promise not to give it out).

We need it so we can notify you of improvements, specials, other payment options, answer your questions, respond to your requests, etc. or just so we can look at the other software to see if ours needs improvement, then tell you if our software does what it does or why our's is worth more.

Kwikchecks 3.0 check printing software
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