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You get this week's feature article as a tribute to Rick Kirkham's new eBook "Internal Energy Strikes." Read this week's article. At the end, I am going to make a special offer ... not to you ... but to Master Kirkham. It should be interesting ....

Article: Develop Devastating Power Punches In One Month!

What if I could absolutely guarantee that your punches would be more powerful in a month? What if I could make it a week? What if I could guarantee that you'll see results in one day?! Are you interested? Those martial artists who have never practiced this exercise will be absolutely amazed at the amount of power they  can generate after perfecting this exercise. And those of you who already know and practice this style of punching will probably still benefit from reading this article and the quote and tip that follow. I think I have a few twists to add.

Have you noticed that some martial artists seem to have punches that have 'impact'? Sure, we all learn to punch powerfully. We punch focus mitts, heavy bags, makiwara, etc.... We learn the proper technique. We learn to put our hip behind the punch. Some learn to punch from a cradled position ... others learn the one-inch punch. We are learning to power punch. Still -- some folks pack an awesome, devastating amount of power behind their wallops. You could say that "their wallops pack a wallop."

So, how does one develop this kind of smash-through power? When I started out in JKD, I really lacked power in my punches. Sure, I had been taking Karate, and before that Tae Kwon Do. Yet, the guys in my JKD class were sending folks flying with their one-inch punches, while all I could get was a little grunt out of my partner, and I was punching from more than two feet away. I needed power.

Steve Golden was more than happy to oblige. He threw me up against the wall ... not literally. He had me practice on my own -- against the wall. I practiced with vertical punches. I had noticed that he had these small canvas sandbags hanging on the wall. They were filled with sand. They looked like mini throw pillows that you find on couches or beds. He put me in front of one of them and had me start punching ....

*** Don't stop reading yet. It gets better.*****

After I got used to punching the wall bag, he changed the 'energy.'


Note: Energy doesn't have to be any mystical mumbo   jumbo.

For a practical look at developing Internal   Energy --in other words, power with a demolishing   force behind it, then you should check out Rick   Kirkham's new book.   It's slim -- under 50 pages, but it offers some of   the only practical advice on the Net, that demystifies   the hidden methods for developing power.   If you want to specifically work on power, you should   try this eBooklet.   Read more about it, and his exclusive guarantee at   the end of this article

Steve Golden didn't want me to stop punching after my fist made contact. I had heard about punching through an object, but this was different. He wanted me to continue the pressure against the sandbag for a count of 10. Not 10 seconds, but not a super fast 10 either -- somewhere in-between. So, I'd punch-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight- nine-ten  relax. Then I'd punch with the other fist. He had me do this until my arms were really aching. They were trembling. Then I rested.

When he had me go against other students, my punches seemed to fly threw their defenses. Nothing could stop them ... except better technique, which most of these guys had. But I had more powerful punches. I felt a big difference after only about 20 minutes against the wall. And you will too, if you have never tried this before. I went home and rigged up a temporary pad against the wall of my carport. I punched all weekend long. I noticed even more of a difference. After a month of daily practice ... all I could say was "WOW!"

Getting even More Power Steve has always given me something to think about when practicing. He has had me imagine that my arms are like wet noodles, my fingers like mini-hoses filled with water, my wrist like it was pulling a giant spring, etc.... At first, when I punched, he had me imagine that I was moving the wall with my count of ten. I imagined that the sheer intensity of my punch was shoving the building back. My fist vibrated as it trembled from the intensity of the continuous punch for a count of ten. I imagined that I was causing the wall to tremble too.

My punches got good, but they still had a bit of a 'push quality' to them. I wanted more penetration. So, Steve had me change my imagery again. Now, I imagined that my fist punched with such concentrated power that it punched a hole in the wall. On my own, to make the image more complete, I imagined bursting the sandbag. Then I extended that to 'denting' the wall ... in my mind. And my punches got stronger.

You understand why this works, right? You get used to punching a wall ... an immovable object. Your muscles get used to the jarring impact -- and they keep pushing/punching. Then, when you actually make contact with an opponent, your muscles are used to trying to pound through a wall. A human is nothing by comparison, and so gives way easily. This method really works. I guarantee it -- more or less. (Really, what kind of a guarantee could I put on a punch done by someone I have never met, who read about it in a free weekly newsletter?) You need to try it, if you haven't before.

And for those already familiar with this technique:

1) Have you tried it from different extensions?  My punch makes contact with the sandbag just slightly before the arm reaches full extension. But you can get a completely different energy effect by making contact at 3/4 extension. Can you see the benefit of being able to draw on this penetrating energy a little early?

2) If you are punching to a count of ten, try adding an extra little push on the count of eleven. You punch to ten, then dig it in a bit on the eleventh count. You'll get an extra little advantage when the time comes. Don't think of this as a separate motion ... it just continues a hair more with more intensity. I even mentally repeat the word 'dig' as I do it.

3) Don't forget your follow-ups; Punch two-three- four-five-six-seven-eight-nine-ten-DIG, elbow strike into the sandbag!

4) Vary the count. Shorten your count to three. Can you convince your brain that you need to punch three times as hard, since you'll only be punching to a count of three?

Does this article seem old hat, or does it seem fresh and new? Those who have been into martial arts for years and years, and have already developed their internal energy strikes, probably don't need any more advice on the subject. --But -- If this article was intriguing, if you'd like to add more internal power to your techniques, then you should check out this brand new eBook. "Internal Energy Strikes," by Rick Kirkham.

Nothing mystical about this -- you get a practical method for developing energy strikes. He also gives you advice on:

* Internal energy kicks

* Countering internal energy strikes

* Proper breathing for training

* A bit on Pushing Hands and Sticky Hands

* Practicing on your own or with a partner

* Applying energy to reverse punches and hook  punches

And this is just off the top of my head. It is a power-packed little book (about 50 pages). And it comes with a better than money back guarantee:   If you aren't absolutely delighted with your eBooklet, Master Kirkham will give you free e-mail consultations on developing Internal Energy Strikes.

Not only that, but his answers will appear in future update editions of the eBook. And here's the best part ... you get those updates for Free. No kidding. As an example, I know that he is planning on adding a bunch of illustrations. Who knows what he'll raise the price to, once they are in place. He may even add more chapters .... And you will get updates for Free. Now, isn't that cool! So, how much for this eBooklet, Free email consultations, and continuous updates? Would you believe only $19 ?    No kidding. Let's try that again ...  ONLY $19 !!! And you can be reading it in just a few minutes ... and you'll be practicing these new exercises just a few minutes after that. Now, here's the offer that I'll make to Master Kirkham.

Go buy his book -- if you like it, write to me ( If I get a positive response, then I will post this article on the Kerwin Benson web site. You could even write a testimonial, giving permission to reprint it, in whole or in part, for the promotion of his book. Order his book now: This link will take you to his catalog page. The Internal Energy Strikes book is the second listing on the left-hand side. Take advantage of this offer now, while the price is so low. You may also ask me questions about his book. Write to:

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