HtmlSearch Readme file

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You can now add the htmlsearch directory to your site and include HtmlSearch in one of your web pages.

See the How To file for applet parameters, or for explanation on how to start HtmlSearch as an application.
There is also a simple search applet if you want to use it right away, in the directory in which you installed HtmlSearch and a sample of a script file to launch HtmlSearch as a Java application.

The sample files sample*.htm show some examples on how to invoke HtmlSearch. The file search.bat is an example of a script to start HtmlSearch as an application. You can delete all these files them if you wish.

The help for HtmlSearch can be accessed with the 'Info' button once you start the applet, or by displaying the file HtmlSearchApp/help.html.

If the search applet doesn't work properly, most of the problems are addressed in the Troubleshooting guide .

Note for Windows Installations:
A shortcut to the simple search applet has been added to your Start Menu, as long as a short cut to the script that launches HtmlSearch as a Java application.
Your autoexec.bat file may have been modified to set the CLASSPATH environment variable, which is why you may have to restart your PC after installing HtmlSearch.

	The HtmlSearch install does not create or modify any files
	other than those in the destination directory, except for
	autoexec.bat and the entries in the start menu;
	The install does not modify, add or delete any entries in
	the Windows Registry or other system files.

To uninstall HtmlSearch, execute the uninstall program in the directory where you installed HtmlSearch.
All the files will be removed. The modifications to autoexec.bat are not reversed, in case the CLASSPATH settings are used by another application.

Note for other platforms:
After you've unzipped the ZIP archive, you can point your browser to search.html and start searching. Please refer to the How To file if you wish to use HtmlSearch as an application.


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To finish with the installation, please close this browser window.