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That's right! Regardless of your experience. Are you a black belt in karate? Are you a white belt in karate? Have you studied Kung-fu? How long? Never mind it doesn't matter how long you've studied martial arts, or even if you've studied martial arts. I can help you increase your striking power 50% to 100% in one lesson or through analysing a video tape from you of the techniques of which you would like to strike harder. Are you a boxer? What, you've never studied any kind of martial art, but would just like to be able to hit harder than you've ever imagined you could in your entire life?!

My name is Sensei J. Richard Kirkham. I am the head instructor of The Universal System of Self-Defense with a Bachelors of Science degree in Physical Education , background in Exercise Physiology, coaching, and a dual state certified Educator. I myself, and my students are experts in aggressive and non-aggressive self-defense and restraint techniques and tactics both empty handed and with weapons.

I personally do not like being hit hard by my students that I have even had for just a month and I train people how to take punches even to the throat. I spent 2 years working with adult developmentally disabled clients who were potentially violent at anytime. It was not allowable to incorporate any defensive or control techniques on these clients that could harm them in anyway. I've trained security people and law enforcement personnel quickly and efficiently. I am the systems top ranking Black Belt, a member in good standing with the World Self-Defense Federation, International Lethal Defense Organization and have spent 24+ years in the
Martial Arts.

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