With 1 $9.95 Video Tape Increase Striking Power 50% to 100%
Hit Harder Now Punch Harder Now Sensei J. Richard Kirkham Expert in Martial Arts and Exercise Physiology Strike harder with your knife hand
Sensei Kirkham goes to great lengths to promote realism even with first time students of boxing, karate, or just plain street fighting, when training them to double their hitting power
Because of the demand I've receive for five specific strikes to double hitting power with my anatomical and kinesthetic analysis, the reverse punch, or straight right or left for my boxing students, the round house kick (a kick beginning from the ground and snapping across the midline of the frontal plane, a.k.a. front, of the body), the hooking punch, or left or right hook for my boxing students, the side thrust kick, and the back kick.

I took a third degree black belt's reverse punch and increase his striking power by 30% by just showing him one change in his strike. If I can do that for him, Don't you think I can do that for you? I put together five video tapes, one for each strike. Because I do not have to do an individual analysis in these tapes for each person who pays me to do so, I do not have to charge my normal fee. What I do in these video tapes instead is go over the mistakes people make when hitting from street fighter to black belt. I then correct these mistakes and show you how to hit harder than you ever believed possible. One of my newer students scored a 17 on my power meter air shield (available for purchase) with a front kick, I punched harder than he kicked, and he weighs more than I do.

If you have a special request for a specific striking or defensive technique check out the link below or email me your question, request, request or order. My qualifications may also be found on picture below of me striking the air shield with an altered classical reverse punch, which by the way is unusual for me to do anything traditional. I usually am in a good defensive position.

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