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For more information email me with subject = health on how to order or sell these products

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Gingko for Concentration No need to log on for this link

Energy From Ginsing

Weight Management Support Packs

Digestive Enzyme Complex, B Complex for Dieting, Coenzyme Q10 Complex for Energy-Burning Organs

Essential Fatty Acids, Fat Emulsifier, 18 Essential Vitamins Minerals and Concentrates

Are you looking for a natural supplementt or a natural remedy for a health problem. As an in home tutor (on line link) I have run across natural products that are supposed to help ADD and ADHD problems. Remember the FDA has not supported this evidence. Email me with remedy as the subject, but if I am going to go to the trouble of answering your question. please purchase the suggested product from me if you wish to purchase the product. If this honor system does not work out, I will have to charge for this service. Thank you for your support

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