Personal Email Consultations for Behavioral Problems and Tutoring Children and Adults

I have helped many parents with their behavioral problem child with poor grades and behavioral problem adults. I have also helped adults with anger management issues.

Testimonials for Tutoring, Behavioral Problems and Weightloss

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Subject: testimonial

Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 02:55:45 -0700

To Whom it may concern:

It is my privilege to recommend Rick Kirkham's services as a tutor of behaviorally-challenged children. His professional techniques work.

Mr. Kirkham doesn't just offer a band-aid type cure. He looks at the whole picture. And then he applies his methods. His behavior-modification techniques are so strong, that he is even successful in curing obesity in overweight kids.

These techniques are strong.

It doesn't take him very long to change a student's attitude, grades, and outlook on life. And he does it all with a caring attitude, a sense of humor, and always concern for the child's well-being.

As hidden treasures, like Rick Kirkham, get discovered, their popularity increases. Their time fills up. And so do the spaces available for children. Unfortunately, we can't clone him.

I hope your child has the opportunity to study with Mr. Kirkham.

Keith Pascal

Mr. Pascal’s credentials:

Certified JKD Instructor

M.A. in The Art of Teaching (and Spanish)

has appeared in Who's Who In American Teachers more times than 99% of all US teachers

Natural Helper (National program to help students with their problems and difficulties in life)

Senior Editor of M.A.M.

I think you should be a psychiatrist!  Your very kind to give to the world your teaching...Just curious do you know how many people you have gave hope to?  I bet you really don't know?  Your a good man, you shared your special gift,enlightning many.  Keep up the good work, you are blessed and you use it...Blessings of the Light upon you!    You are GREAT!                                  


Karole Crawford

Thank you Karole. I'm just a teacher trying to help the world with whatever time I have. I thank you, for caring for your child. There are actually parents out there who will only get help for their child if it's free, though they could afford quality help for them. With my own family to feed I can only hope that a caring teacher happens across the child's path. May I please print your kind compliment?


Please do!  You may even put my name!  You have a blessed week with all the things that your soul desires come to you X's 10.  Bless you with the good health for your days on our planet..

God bless YOU!  

Karole Crawford

Since I have started the technique I have not awakin with bloody lips or soar muscles from hitting myself

while I am sleeping. So I have waking up more relaxed, I don't feel like I am walking on egg shells.

Thank you for helping me and hope you can continue helping and teaching me.


By the way I must have failed to mention that M is seeing a counselor and a Psychiatrist. You have already given us more useful advise that either of them.


Thank you, but counselors and psychiatrists are good too. They can still help with the deep seated issues. I help modify the behavior and that is why my results are more immediate.


Do you have a child who is in need of tutoring and or has behavioral modification issues (the two often go hand in hand)?

Are you yourself angry at times for something that is not the person's fault you yelled at or even struck?

My email consultations are only $20.00 for six sets of personal emails. The reason I charge so little is because I may use the case studies, excluding personal information, as book material to help others (with your permission of course). I run across just a few parents who will, for some reason, only seek free help for their child. Low and behold their child also has a low self-esteem problem - go figure.

To be totally straight with you if your child is not worth 20 dollars in consultation fees I think we both know where the cause of the child's problem is rooted don't we?

Let's get you or your loved one some help now. You may make your donation for your email consultations here and email here starting with as detailed of a history as possible. You may also email me with questions about my services naturally.

I'd like to thank everyone for their kind words and their support in helping both children and adults and for your confidence in me. If it were not for you caring parents, the world would be a dark place indeed.