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A martial arts e-book written specifically for your particular needs. You can buy all the martial arts books you like. You would probably have to buy up to 10 martial arts books to equal the custom martial arts ebook I would write for you.

custom made martial arts ebooks

I'm Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. I've been in martial arts over 28 years now and I am a dual state certified teacher. I have already written several books in the electronic format primarily dealing with realistic martial arts and self-defense.

custom made self-defense e-books

If you're a child looking for cheap freebie martial arts advice that will get you killed in the street go somewhere else. My busy schedule allows me to write for serious martial artists only or people serious about wanting to learn good realistic self-defense. If you're serious about wanting to learn good realistic martial arts order your custom martial arts ebook here for only $19.00. If it is not a self-defense subject I have written about yet, it will take me about two weeks to write your custom martial arts ebook.

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