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Starting and developing the business of your choice is everyone's dream. I'm Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. I've over 20 years in sales management and public relations. I was sent to special sales and public relations schools to become even better at sales, public relations, and business development than when I first started. I am a dual state certified teacher,self-employed in my own business. I started my business with no money and I can show you how to start the business of your choice the same way or how to increase profits in your present business.

I will not only create or show you how to
create your own advertising
but as an expert in advertising and public relations, I will teach you what goes on your advertising materials. The worst thing I see from most businesses are business cards just giving information, not selling your products or services. Seeing business cards just sitting on countertops for customers already there comes in a close second. I'll design or show you how to design your material so that every single thing you do sells you and your business and brings you an even greater amount of customers than you have now. This even includes invoices, another problem I occasionally see.

How about your staff or your down-line. Do they understand the importance of good Public Relations and how it effects, you, the business, and them. That's right them. You lose business they get downsized, or they quit your down-line. As a dual certified teacher, using modern teaching methods,
I can teach and motivate your people how to treat your customers so that they keep coming back and giving you good word of mouth advertising. Customers remember poor service and exceptional service, not good service. Which one would you like them to remember?

What about word of mouth advertising. How can you increase it. Word of mouth advertising will make you or break you. You, your staff, or yourwhat I did to get them and how to use them to increase your business in a big way.

Plain old fashion sales techniques.
There's not a service or a product in the world that sells itself. If there was the factories wouldn't need you. Having been sent to special schools, spending years in sales, and being a dual certified teacher, I'll educate your staff or down-line. in the proper use of sales techniques to set up more appointments and close more deals than you are now.

Are you on the Internet?
Do you have a web site? How would this help you? The more often someone sees your name the sooner they will contact you. A web site gives you a more professional appearance, when designed properly, and gets your name out, not only to the community, but to the world. Think about it, with a web site you become an international business from the privacy of your home or office. I even have access to some free web sites.

I've recently developed an electronic business card that would fit on a floppy disk. The purpose of the electronic business card is to give you an edge over your competition by giving your prospects more immediate information about you and your services than they have about the competition.

Not sure what type of business you would like to be in? Check out my affiliate, jobs, and part time money making page for some ideas.

I now have several means of communicating and transferring my skills and knowledge to you and increasing your sales and business. My most popular media, besides personal appearances, is custom made audio tapes on the topic of your choice. Here are some previous requests I've had for cassette tapes:

Starting your business with no money

Getting leads, prospects, people who want your service and product

How to make a good first impression

How to use active listening to win your prospect over incorporating the main sense each of your prospects uses

Affiliate programs - selling someone else's products

Affiliate programs - getting others to sell your product

Multi-level marketing - signing them up and making them a success so you will be a success.

Making money on the Internet

Internet marketing and web sites for no money

Getting your internet web site near the top as in my martial arts ezine at

How to create your own advertising materials

How to make bumper stickers and magnetic signs with no special equipment

Making an electronic business card

If even just one of these services or topics can make you more money, whether you are in a multi-national corp. or a single owner part time business, Leave me a message and let's talk or place an order now and get started.

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