Custom Made Affordable Bumper Stickers
Bumper Stickers

Turn your vehicle into a traveling advertisement for your business. with a magnetic sign,magnetic bumper sticker, or a stick on bumper sticker (good to give to friends and customers). Think of the people you pass in your vehicle everyday. Think of where you park on the job site. How can you afford to miss that many customers? I once had a self-defense student call me a year after getting my magnetic business card. You can bet that if that would have been just a plain business card he would have lost it a long time ago. Speaking of business cards, invoices and all other business material, are you getting the most out of them? Why not have an expert, such as myself design them for you? What you have to gain is immeasurable.

Full Color Magnetic Bumper Stickers $7.50 per magnetic bumper sticker
Blank Sticky magnetic Bumper Sticker Sheet $5.00 per magnetic sheet

Ecomony Bumper Stickers   50 cents Quality bumper Stickers $1.50

All design and graphics work are done by me. I have had nine years of sales and advertising experience and special classes in public relations and advertising techniques I will not just copy the work you give me. I will figure out the best possible design to draw attention and business to you.

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Full Color Magnetic Signs

Ten years in sales, management, public relations, and now self-employed himself. Mr. Kirkham will not just copy a design. He will design a sign that will attract attention and tell customers what why they should buy and why they should see YOU!
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