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Martial Arts Electronic Magazine:

Which you will find near or at the top of most search engines now will not only put your advertisement out where your customers and prospects will find it, but if you have your own web page and your ad links to it. It will quite possibly raise the ranking of your own we site.

To list your book or video in my martial arts ezine is presently only $5.00 a month with a minimum of five months. To advertise your book or video in my highly ranked Martial Arts Ezine Click here. Be sure to send me an email with your information.

 Cost of ads per month:

Classifieds $5.00 per month with a minimum of 5 months. Send me an email with your information.

Banner or business card size as $10.00 per month. Pay for three months and get $5.00 off!

If the Martial Arts Ezine comes out twice in one month instead of once your ad will remain in the second monthly issue of the martial arts newsletter. Each martial arts ezine goes out a second time using keywords for Hawaii. Thus making it easier for Hawaii residents (my home town being Honolulu) to find this martial arts ezine and make local Hawaii advertising even more efficient. Others searching for your advertising and martial arts will also find both martial arts ezines. Most of my ezines are ranked high in the search engines thanks to your links and promotion of the martial arts. You can end up with up to four martial arts ezine ads for the price of one ad. At the minimum you will end up with two martial arts ezine ads for the price of one ad.

Order advertising in this top site and other top sites here.

You may want to consider printing hard copies out of the Martial Arts Ezine and giving them to potential martial arts students or customers which contain ads or martial art articles that you have submitted. If you do this, be sure to include a phone number or address people can find your business, product or school. Remember, at least half of your, and potential customers have internet access.

Electronic Book Advertising

Same price as the ezine ads. Your advertisement will stay in for a minimum of one year and forever for those who have downloaded my ebooks!.

Click here for a full page view of of my most recent electronic books. Best viewed with Internet Explorer or AOL

The How to Make Bumper Stickers & Magnetic Signs Electronic Book

The Meditation E-Book for Pain, Relaxation, Stress Relief, and Internal Energy Strikes

Custom made ebooks videos and cassettes all will contain your advertising for one year

More books are always coming out so email me if you have a request for advertising

Kirkhams Mega Freeware Shareware and Martial Arts CD

Your ad will appear in the CD, the martial arts ezine and the classifieds page all at the same time for the same fee!

Auto-Responser Advertising

I get about 200 inquiries per month for my various services. Many of these are set up as emails which reply to the prospect automatically. Often times these prospective customers will save and reread the email several times. Some of these emails I answer by hand using a product called AY Paste to paste in my general information into the email also with classified advertising. Many classified ads will run $20.00 a month to $60.00 a month or even per issue. For a limited time I am offering a classified at 50 words or less for $5.00 a month.

Here is a list of topics you may place your ad in for an inquiry response. The topics with email addresses with them are auto-responses which you may check out immediately by logging onto the internet and sending an email to the link by clicking on it. There are always topics being added so please send your requests through email

Behavioral Modification List and In Home Tutoring

Increase Your Striking Power 50% to 100% in One Lesson

Join the International Lethal Defensive Combat Organization

Professional Resume Service

Classifieds Ad Page

These classifieds are linked to my main pages. Anyone who advertises in them is automatically placed in the Martial Arts Electronic Magazine and the CD as well and visa versa at no extra charge. These classifieds are designed to automatically scroll for you. You may find examples at

A auto-reply email which gives people dozens of free sites to submit their site to thousands of free link sites and search engines. This is a good start, but this far the best way for your ad to be seen is to get it near the top of the search engines.

If you continue doing what you are doing, you will continue to get the same results

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