Serious Martial Artists Only

Serious martial artists only may visit this site.

Children looking for free martial arts advice that will get you killed out in the street go somewhere else.

Bruce Lee wannabes go back to trying to learn martial arts from TV shows. You won't find what I want to discuss and write about on television.

Still with me? You think you're a serious martial artist? Do you want to be the best martial artist you can be?Knife use and defense martial arts article

Let's see what else can I do to get rid of riff raff wannabe martial artists who don't think there's a price in blood and sweat be paid to become the best martial artist you can be. I know, I've been in martial arts 28+ years. I have a degree in physical education with a background in Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, and Movement Education. I'm a state dual certified teacher and have expertise in behavioral modification, violent behavioral modification, and Positive Reinforcement Methodology. I will charge a small fee for the things I do for you. That should get rid of those of you who are not serious in wanting to learn and improve realistic combat oriented martial arts skills.

Still with me or have you toddled over to some kiddy little freestuff site? Power martial arts realistic training method

Okay, then here's what I want to offer to all the real martial artists out there.

The Combat Martial Arts Ezine

A martial arts ezine like no other on the internet because no one would dare to publish the techniques and methods of realistic combat oriented self-defense to the general public.

In this martial arts ezine I want to discuss ways and even have of ending a fight within secondsMartial Arts Internal Energy Strikes Ebook written by yours truly Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Unlike free martial arts ezines I want to include pictures in your lessons and articles to give you serious martial artists the best possible chance of becoming the best martial artist you can be.

I will cover Lethal techniques that should only be used in life threatening situations

Dislocations, neck breaks, weapons use and defense, chokes and more

Lethal and disabling ways to defeat multiple attackers

No one would be foolish enough to offer this type of martial arts information to the general public. That is why I am not only charging a fee to get rid of non-serious martial artists, but to protect myself and my family at the same time. I know some 12 year old kid is not going to go on line and pay for these very serious articles on realistic self-defense and combative tactics.martial arts self-teach drills ebook written by yours truly Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

What other martial arts and realistic self-defense articles could you expect from the Combat Martial Arts Ezine?

That will be the other advantage to subscribing to the Combat Martial Arts Ezine – The choice is yours. You tell me what kind of self-defense oriented articles you want to see in your Combat Martial Arts Ezine.

I will also accept martial arts articles, with close scrutiny, from other realistically oriented martial artists provided the martial arts articles are self-defense oriented. Is this a free way to get a subscription? No, I told you no lolligagers allowed on this martial arts site. I will send you your own copy of the Combat Martial Arts Ezine and I will give you five months of free advertising in my top search engine ranked site.

Don't get me wrong I'm a very peaceful person and I believe in using as little force as necessary to defend myself, but if it gets down to my life or some piece of scum that wants to hurt myself or a loved one, I will do what I need to do to survive and to save my loved one. Do you really know whether or not the techniques you learned in karate class practicing in front of a mirror, kicking and punching the air, will work if you are attacked or if you must defend a loved one you are with?

Frequently Asked Questions and Excuses

Master Kirkham I am a serious martial artist I just cannot afford your Combat Martial Arts Ezine right now.

If your paying for your internet access and sitting in front of your own computer stop making excuses. You found a way to pay for those things, if you're serious about wanting to be the best martial artist you can be you will find a way to pay for this. Stop looking for a handout and get serious. Martial Arts Experts have spent years in training and spents 10s of thousands of dollars. Why should they give their best stuff away for free.

Master Kirkham I'm 12 years old. Can I get your Combat Martial Arts Ezine?

No I'm very sorry I must restrict this martial arts ezine to adults only who can legally decide when to use lethal defensive force. That is one reason I am charging a fee, so I can restrict access from people who would use this information irresponsibly.

How explicit will these pictures be? I don't want to get grossed out.

The pictures will be demonstrations of realistic martial arts techniques only. I would slowly lose partners if I did these lethal techniques for real.

If we are paying for the Combat Martial Arts Ezine why are you presently using a free site?

An easy question. So I do not have to charge you twice as much. I want serious martial artists, but I don't want to charge them anymore than I have to.

Master Kirkham, I know you put your time in with your free martial arts ezine and I appreciate your volunteer work. How will your Combat Martial Arts Ezine be different.

A good question. The material in the Combat Martial Arts Ezine will be much more explicit with martial arts techniques I would not dare to show on a web site. There would be too many people in my highly ranked site that would see it and object to the content. Some kid may get a hold of the martial arts techniques and try them out on his or her sister. This way I control who gets these lethal martial arts techniques and tactics and these martial arts techniques will not show up on a web site anywhere. Only you, the subscribers of the Combat Martial Arts Ezine will be privy to these disabling and lethal defensive techniques.

Yes Master Kirkham I want to subscribe for 12 issues of your Combat Martial Arts Ezine Before I subscribe for 12 issues of your Combat Martial Arts Ezine would you send me to the page where I can check the cost?

Master Kirkham please send me a list of all of your ebooks and videos

Master Kirkham please send me a list of all your services

Knife Use and Defense - When You Have The Knife (not for children or non-serious martial artists)

Ending The Fight In Seconds (not for children or non-serious martial artists)