HtmlSearch Documentation: Results panel

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Depending on your particular configuration, some of the choices described here may or may not be available.

The Results panel is the panel at the bottom of the display, under the heading: "Pages Found." It lists the pages found by the search.

The Always show last line checkbox directs the program to always show the last page found in the list box, thus scrolling automatically as the search progresses. If you uncheck this checkbox, pages found are added to the list box as the search progresses, but the display stays where you set it.

For each page found, its URL and/or title are listed (what to list can be adjusted with the 'List URL' option in the Advanced panel). The found string is also shown, although if you specified a complex boolean string (e.g. with many AND clauses), only a subset of the found strings is displayed.
If there are more pages found than can fit in the listbox, use the scroll bar at the right to show the rest of the list.
The vertical and horizontal scrollbars may or may not appear depending on the Browser you are using. If they do not appear, use the directional arrow keys..

You can highlight (i.e. click on) any page and press the Display button at the bottom of the screen to display the page.
The page will be displayed either in a new window or frame, depending on your particular system settings. You can also double-click on the line to display the page.
On some browsers, there is what feels like a built-in delay, and you may have to double-click slowly, or do several consecutive clicks to achieve this result.
Your browser may be configured so as to disallow opening a new window, in which case the display button becomes inoperative.

You can also press the View source button of the bottom of the screen to show the page's source.
This is similar to the browser's View Source option, except it also lists additional information about the page. If the page hasn't been read (yet, or because it couldn't be accessed, or was skipped), it may be not possible to display the page source.

The List links button allows you to display all the pages that have links to the page you highlighted, as well as links from this page to other page. For each link its type is described (e.g. HREF, IMG, etc...). If the page hasn't been read (yet, or because it couldn't be accessed, or was skipped), the list of links may be incomplete.
For each of these you can in turn use the Display, List links or View source buttons in the fashion described above.
You can also use the Add to found pages button to treat the page as if it had matched the searched strings; this is useful is conjunction with the Use set of found pages selection of the Options panel.