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This screen is only available in the Pro version. Depending on your particular configuration, this screen may not be available.

The Index panel allows you to save the results of your search as an index to the pages found.
The index is built from the list of pages displayed in the Result panel. If the option 'Found previous search' is selected on the Options panel, the index is built using the search string and pages found during the previous search, otherwise, the results of the current search are used.

You can generate an index, either as a 'simple' list ,a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file to be used in a spreadsheet or database, or as an HTML file that you can use directly in your browser.

A CSV index is akin to a spreadsheet with 3 columns: the word(s) found, the page URL, and the page title.

When an HTML index is generated, a link to the page found is included in the file. If the option "Display page in its container if possible" was checked in the Advanced panel, the link will point to the page's container if appropriate. For example, if a word is found in a frame page, the link will point to the frameset. This feature operates only for HTML indices, i.e. for a text or CSV index, that substitution is not done.

The generated index is displayed in the text area. You can edit it before saving it if you wish.

The panel elements are, from top to bottom:

The buttons:

The options:

Index Exclusion Dictionary pop up dialog:

The Index Exclusion Dictionary is a list of words that will not be included in the index when indexing all the words (e.g. you may not want to index 'the', 'is', etc...). You can use either the default Index Exclusion Dictionary that comes with HtmlSearch, or any file you wish. You can also modify any of the dictionary files you load, so you can add, modify or delete entries. An Index Exclusion Dictionary file is simply a text file that contains a list of words. Spaces, tabs and carriage returns are ignored when the dictionary is processed, so feel free to format your file as you wish.
When you press the 'Exclude...' button, a pop up window is displayed. This window allows you to select a new Index Exclusion Dictionary file, load it, modify it, or set the list of words as the dictionary to be used. You can also reload the default dictionary file that is included with HtmlSearch