$20.00 Every Time You Refer Someone to Me and They use my services.

Tutoring, Poor Grades, Behavioral Problems

Email Consultation Tutoring, Behavior Problems, Anger Management, Obesity in Children

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Kwik Learn Method Realistic Self-Defense, Body Guard Service,

Motor-Coordination Program,

Weight Loss Program,

Increase your striking power 50% to 100% in One Lesson

Meditation Lessons (not the ebook),
Yoga & More

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Sales Jobs, Extra, Income, Affiliate Programs

25% finders fee or commission for each order

Making Bumper Stickers & Magnetic Signs E-Book,

Meditation for Pain Stress Imagery and Martial Arts Internal Energy Strikes

Conquering Obesity in Children. This is one of the most important books I have ever written and I there are certain guidelines to being able to sell this important weight loss and behavioral modification book. First you must own the book. I will not allow people who do not care enough about the material to sell the book. As the book includes a free email consultation, I am losing a little money in time on this weight loss ebook but I feel it's very important for obese and over weight children everywhere to spread the word about this book.

Here is a complete list of books, ebooks, and printable ebooks. All of these books I will give you 25% commission on for taking orders. Once you own the book, I will make a special password or email address specifically for you. Best viewed with Internet Explorer or AOL. Full View on the Internet

I apologize for the banners as this affiliate page is on a free site.

Mega Freeware Shareware and Martial Arts CD over 500 meg of freeware, shareware and martial arts articles. After your first purchase of Kirkhams Mega Freeware Shareware and Martial Arts CD at full value $9.95 plus 15% for shipping and handling, you may then begin to receive 25% commission on all sales and 10% commission for anyone that you share the program with who decides to sell the Mega Freeware Shareware and Martial Arts CD.

Resumes http://tutor.hypermart.net/resumes.html or Call Rick Kirkham for more information

Take orders for bumper stickers and magnetic signs http://tutor.hypermart.net/magnetic_signs.html

Meditation Electronic Book for Pain Relief, Relaxation & Internal Energy Strikes

If the customers orders a custom tape instead of taking lessons 25% finders fee or commission for each order of any tape subject below
Tutoring, Poor Grades, Behavioral Problems
Kwik Learn Method Realistic Self-Defense

Motor-Coordination Program,
Weight Loss Program,

Increase your striking power 50% to 100% in One Lesson

Meditation Lessons (not the ebook),
Yoga & More

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The Martial Arts Ezine electronic on-line magazine

The How to Make Bumper Stickers & Magnetic Signs Electronic Book

The Meditation E-Book for Pain, Relaxation, Stress Relief, and Internal Energy Strikes

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On Line Discount Shopping and or Business Opportunities

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How to set up an affiliate program (sales program, finders fee program etc.)

In most of my programs, to weed out the freeloaders, I require that you own and have used the product you wish to sell. Did you just click to another page - good that probably means you want something for nothing and you won't get it from this teacher.

If it is service oriented such as tutoring or self-defense that is another matter. You do not have to hire me for those services to refer me. You may find out what all of my services and products are by sending an email to webmaster@tutor.hypermart.net. It's an autoresponder but please specifiy the topic you are interested in.

If you sell these programs and products through means other than the internet, just call me when you have a customer. Print my Tutoring, Self-Defense Flyer and business cards off the internet, my e-book, or my Mega Freeware and Shareware CD and print as many as you like. The tutoring and self-defense flyer are in MS Publisher 98 format and I can send you the original if you would like to put your phone number on it. Be sure to at least put your name on the tabs (if any) and phone number. I always ask how people found out about me. Download my electronic business card or if you have it in your hand make copies of it by following the directions after you scroll down to the copy links in the first page of the services and newsletters ebook.

Hand them out! Floppy disks can be found on sale many times for 10 cents to 15 cents a piece with rebate.

Selling and taking orders for programs and products over the internet.

Take any html code, java scripts, web pages, or any other info you like copyrighted by me or not if it is to be used for taking orders and sales of products and program that James (Rick) Kirkham is providing or involved with.

Trade links with me in order for us both to increase our search engine positions.

Keep a list of people and their email addresses who visit your site, inquire about a product or service, or wish to place an order. This can be done several ways. If you have access to cgi, you may require a form to be filled out in order for people to get to the page with information on it. Remember to keep your information page simple or prospects will go elsewhere. Be sure to provide them with some information to draw the prospects interest. People are basically good, and if you tell them, please give me your name and email address so I may get credit for the work I've done, they should not hesitate, make sure they know the prospect's email address will not be given out outside of the company nor sold in anyway shape or form. There are several places on the internet that provide free cgi and some places that will even help you set it up. Just do a search on free cgi hosting and that should get you some good leads.

Another way to keep track of prospects and email addresses besides cgi is an email autoresponder. A few such examples are shareware_links@pmail.net and order_by_email@pmail.net and kwikchecks@pmail.net which can obviously be found at http://pmail.net. Presently I am using sendfree.com as an autoresponder. For those of you who do not know what an autoresponder is, it is an automatic email sent to anyone who emails you for information. Some of these services will even forward the email to you so that you do not have to constantly check several email boxes. I also recommend on line email in order to help protect you from viruses and so forth, nothing is perfect, but it will help. Autoresponders can contain the information a customer requests, active links to a web site, for example if you write http://tutor.hypermart.net in an email your customer will be able to click on it and go to that web site, and downloadable files by creating an active link leading directly to the file, for example http://localbiz.hypermart.net/kwikchecks.exe . The advantage of having the link in an email is you may then keep track of your prospects and customers and what it is they are using, you may even keep track, if you setup the autoresponder correctly, which site or page your customer came from.

Be sure to send me an ongoing list of customers and prospects so I can pay you for your orders. Using KwikChecks software, I can accept checks over the telephone, fax, email, or the internet. If you try to depend on people actually going to the trouble of mailing you a check, you will lose a lot of orders. naturally I can do this for you or you can download KwikChecks off the internet yourself.

However you do this, and whatever product you decide to take orders for, you have a very good chance of making a good living. Do not expect to sit back and take order in the beginning, everything takes time and work, but the benefits to controlling your own hours and your own life far outweigh, the few hours you put into taking orders for products and services.

Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.


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